What You Should Know Before Making Major Structural Changes to Your New Home

The excitement of purchasing a new home will leave you beaming with joy, but at some point soon, you might want to make some major changes. New home buyers can suddenly be struck in a moment of inspiration to add on a new wing, knock down a wall, or completely overhaul their homes. Even if you are prepared to spend a pretty penny on making huge changes to your newly constructed home, you should not have to spend money for no good reason. Yes, your new home belongs to you and you can technically do anything that you want, but at the same time, checking over these next few handfuls of details could help you to reduce your budget overall. 

Major Structural Changes to Your New Home

Check Your Buyer’s Contract for Disclosures Carefully 

In-home purchase agreements, there is an area where all known disclosures about the property and home itself are made. For instance, some homes are sold on lands that are federally protected wetlands, and therefore cannot be altered or significantly changed. Your home might come with existing damage to the foundation, or it could have been built on top of a snake breeding ground. Know what the disclosures are so that you can make changes intelligently. No new homeowner wants to invest a lot into significant architectural updates, only to be ordered to change everything back.

Run Everything by Your Real Estate Attorney First 

So, if you have recently bought a home, then you more than likely retained a lawyer. To complete the home purchase process, a real estate attorney should be helping you go over all the documentation. You want to know that the property is being sold as described, for exactly the amount of money you agreed to pay. Afterward, your real estate attorney can still be of great assistance to you. If you have questions about what you can do as far as hiring an architect or building on a new floor, talk to your attorney first. 

Major Structural Changes to Your New Home

Making Major Architectural Changes Could Void Existing Warranties 

If you have bought a new home construction, then there could be a warranty that comes from the home manufacturer. These types of warranties cover important structural features in houses, like roofs, foundations, windows, and doors. With warranties, there are certain clauses present that protect both parties. Home manufacturers want to be protected in case a buyer makes changes that could potentially damage a home, then come after them for compensation. Home buyers want to know that new home builders are willing to stand behind their products, and guarantee them should anything go wrong. If you don’t want this warranty to become void, then you have to avoid making significant changes.

Consider whether updating the interior of your home with a newly built-on room or changing out all of the exterior doors is really going to enhance your property. If you are looking to make things look different, try painting, or making other minimum upgrades in the interim. Maybe another five or ten years down the line, things will be different.

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