Why Pond Filtration is Important

It is every homeowner’s dream to own a pond with beautiful fish, plants and possibly a miniature waterfall. Having a pond is an affordable luxury attainable for homeowners which they can then enjoy whenever they please, a personal vacation spot, so to say. However, few homeowners are aware of the maintenance that goes into keeping a pond clean and the water fresh and suitable for fish to survive. To run a low-maintenance pond effectively needs a good filtration system to keep the water clean and fresh. However, with a huge variety out there, it can be difficult to decide the best pond filter for your pond. 

Pond Filtration

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There are three main types of pond filters available in the market, a biological system, a mechanical system, and a sterilizer system. These three filtration systems usually work together to create the perfect living conditions for your fish and aquatic plants. 

Mechanical System: Mechanical filters clean the pond water by trapping and removing debris and sediments from the water before it settles to the bottom. The mechanical systems are built in such a way that they can hide all the plumbing and the pump from view making it easier to enjoy the pond without having to look at pipes and pumps all the time. The two kinds of pond skimmers available in the market are box skimmers or floating skimmers. The function, however, is the same for both the filtration systems. The water enters the skimmers and the large debris is caught in the basket of the skimmer. 

Biological System: these types of filters break down the pond water by using bacteria, turning harmful components into beneficial ones which can then be used to fertilize and improve the growth of aquatic plants. Water comes into the biological filtrations system after it has already been skimmed by a mechanical system. The water is then cleaned further from smaller particles of debris using a long pipe containing filtration media. Biological filters are also designed to create a small waterfall with the filtered water providing you with the beautiful sound of falling water. 

Sterilizer System: this kind of filter works by using a UV light to kill the harmful bacteria in the water.  However, if you have an adequate biological and mechanical system working in your pond the need for sterilizing the water of the plant reduces.

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Pond Filtration

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Aquatic Plants: many individuals add aquatic plants to their ponds mainly for the beauty they bring to it. However, what a lot of people fail to realize is their filtration properties, numerous water plants keep the water fresh by absorbing the toxic components present in the water. if these toxins are left in the water they can result in algae development as they are the food for algae.  

By using a combination of the biological and mechanical filtration systems homeowners can make sure their ponds require very low maintenance while always having fresh water and a nice environment for the fish to survive. Moreover, by adding the aquatic plants, aeration rocks, and fish to the pond you create a healthy eco-system that you can enjoy anytime you desire.