Pros and Cons of Hiring a Professional Flooring Contractor

You may be reading this because you’ve decided it’s finally time to get new flooring for your home. Perhaps your floors were starting to look dated or dull or maybe some visible signs of damage were forming on the floors that couldn’t be covered up with a strategic rug. Whatever the cause, you may also be considering whether you should choose a professional flooring contractor to install the floors – like a skilled Orange County flooring contractor – or if you should do the job yourself as a D.I.Y. project. 

Professional Flooring Contractor

To help you make that decision, these are the pros and cons of hiring a professional flooring contractor for your home.

The Pros
  • It Costs less over the long run

Hiring a contractor can cost quite a lot. But before you decide that your new flooring is absolutely not worth the price, you should first consider what you are paying for. You already know that you’re paying for their labor, but you are also paying for their expertise and experience as well as their professional contacts. Many things can go wrong during a flooring replacement, especially if it’s an area like a kitchen or bathroom where plumbing is also involved. 

Contractors with experience know what they need to look out for and what they need to do to minimize risk during the installation. And if something does go wrong, then you can rest easy knowing that there is someone with the right expertise already there to take care of things. You cannot get the same assurance when you choose to do the job yourself or even hire an amateur you know personally.

  • The installation will be much faster with a professional

Installing floors takes a significant amount of time, depending on the kind of flooring you have chosen as well as the area size of your home. When you hire a professional contractor, they have a tried and tested system in place to make that installation as smooth and as fast as possible to save them time, too. That means that you can reasonably rely on the time estimate given to you before you hire them, giving you the allowance to make plans for holidays or even a dinner party to celebrate your new floors. If you do the job yourself, there is really no telling when you will be finished as personal matters could interfere or you may run into problems during the installation process.

  • You will be getting floors that have been installed with quality craftsmanship

There is no denying it – installing floors smoothly and beautifully is as practically an art form that contractors perform very well. Because they have been studying and practicing their work for a very long time, you can expect high-quality and high-build work that won’t disappoint you. This is especially important if you want special floors to be installed (like some forms of wood and stone). These kinds of materials require real skill that you simply cannot find in just any flooring DIYer. Better to stick to the professionals on this one.

Flooring Contractor
The Cons
  • Costs can sometimes be lower if you do it yourself, but only if…

…you have enough experience to install the floors yourself. We talked earlier about how a much cheaper installation can be when you hire a professional contractor because most people will not have sufficient knowledge or experience. But it is completely possible that you are someone who does know how to install the floors you want. In that case, then the cost of doing it yourself will be cheaper. However, you should make that decision knowing all the risks of doing it this way. Because you will not be using an insured contractor, any damage you make to your floors during the installation will be your sole responsibility. And if you run into any trouble, you may still need to contact a professional to take care of it for you.

  • It is less convenient to hire a professional contractor

Another possible downside to hiring a contractor is that your schedule will essentially depend on them and their own schedule of when work happens. This means that you will have to adjust to the times they are there. And if you’re someone who does not want to leave the house empty while they work, then you will also have to adjust your own personal time to allow for contractors to work.


While there are both pros and cons to hiring a professional flooring contractor for your home, weighing your options should show that hiring a flooring contractor in Orange County or anywhere else is more than worth the cost. 

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