Declutter and Decorate 101: 4 Ideas for Better Home Organizing

The home should be a sanctuary, but that’s not always the case. Being too caught up with work can leave little to no time for decluttering. Going home to a messy house is stressful because it’s the environment where one is supposed to unwind.

home organizing ideas

Decluttering makes cleaning easier, gives the house more space, and brings a peaceful mood. Clearing the surroundings can also help clear the mind. Pairing the tedious task of organizing with decorating in one go is a good idea.

Decluttering may be tiresome, but it’s a task that must be tackled. Luckily, there are many options and quick solutions out there to make home organizing easier and more enjoyable.

Remove the Old and Expired Items

This may seem so obvious already, but so many people are too lazy to sort out their things. It may make sense to rent a small dumpster for easily disposing of items. There are so many items that must be thrown away already, like old makeup and expired medicines. Holding on to these items because they’re expensive will cause harm and take up space.

Old clothes hog so much space in the closet. Take everything out, and sort through them with a keen eye. Get rid of the clothes that don’t fit and those that aren’t worn anymore.

Discard any item that’s broken and beyond repair. For unused or old electronics, they should be disposed of properly or given away. By removing everything that doesn’t serve a purpose anymore, you’ll have more space in your house.

Repurpose and Upcycle

Many items are kept in storage rooms on the off chance that they can be used again. Because they’re hidden and aren’t easy to get, in the end, they remain unused. What’s best is to repurpose them into something that can organize all the items that are always used.

Old plastic containers or bowls can be painted and used to sort small items. Magazine holders can keep curling irons and hair straighteners together. Old jars just need to be washed, and they can store ingredients or be pen holders.

Even wine bottles can serve different purposes too. They can be new water containers inside the fridge or even cut and smoothened to be glasses. By using old items in different ways, one can declutter and organize them at the same time.

Best home organizing ideas

Invest in Good and Smart Organizers

Some individuals have issues with buying organizers because they think these ruin the interior of the house. Perhaps people aren’t looking hard enough since many storage solutions even improve the overall aesthetic. Storage bins and organization products are available at most retail stores, making them easy to acquire.

Hanging organizers are popular because they’re very convenient and don’t take up too much space. The items that used to take up three drawers can be put in one organizer. In the kitchen, hanging cooking tools on the wall can save space while adding efficiency.

Baskets and floating shelves are easy solutions that can bring great organization to the house. Also, door hooks and mounted racks are space-saving essentials in any home. Many products can keep things in order easily while still maintaining the home’s beauty.

Sell Items Online

Odd objects like random pens, old notebooks, and accessories should be stored properly. These small things can make a place look untidy while it’s the larger things that cause the mess. Look around the house, and choose items that you can give away or put up for sale online.

Secondhand clothes and gadgets are the typical choices, but there are more things to sell than those mentioned. Many individuals buy old appliances, books, and holiday decorations at a cheaper price. They also look for cheap furniture that is still in good condition.

Exercise equipment like treadmills and dumbbells take up room, so if they aren’t being used, sell them. Some also look for sports gear that beginners already gave up on, like golf clubs. Items like these can be sold for a fraction of the price, earning money while decluttering.

Letting Go Is Important

There are many items that are difficult to let go because of many reasons. Perhaps these things serve as a reminder of an important person, memory, or experience. To declutter successfully, admit that some items do not serve a purpose anymore, and give them away.

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