6 Reasons Why Real Estate Sign Riders Are Still an Effective Way to Promote Your Property

In the digital age, it can be easy to assume that traditional methods of marketing involving any kind of signage are obsolete. However, that cannot and does not apply to every kind of industry. In the real estate business, nothing can compare to a yard sign and a sign rider or two outside a listed property. In actuality, the rise of technology has made physical signage all the more important.

Real Estate Sign Riders

While your online presence can attract people all over the internet to check out a listed home and view the floor plan, the physical tour of the property is still very much needed.

Particularly, real estate signs can help generate more leads, increase sales, and make things easier for interested buyers. But why do you need them? Here are a few benefits:

  1. Sign riders act like a marker for the listed property. Even if the bulk of real estate buyers searches for properties online, signage can still help them pinpoint the home during the open house or scheduled private viewing. Despite its advancements, GPS and navigation technology can still be faulty and cause a person to get lost.

Having the yard sign outside of the property makes it easier to tell the buyer that they are in the right place. Additionally, a sign rider that displays something like “Open House Today” or another helpful announcement can help drive that point even further. This is especially helpful when the property is in a more remote place or located in a neighborhood with a lot of homes for sale.

  1. Sign riders make it easy to update real estate signs. For practical reasons, sign riders are great additions and easy fixes to any real estate sign if you feel like something is missing. You do not need to spend more money on having the sign replaced when you can simply attach a sign rider to the main sign itself. Information like your new contact details or an attractive feature about the listed property (hot tub, pet-friendly design, etc.) is a great example of missing details that can be added in with a sign rider.
  2. Sign riders provide all the necessary details even before the buyer contacts the agent. Everything from the unique selling point of the property to its status in the market can be indicated on the sign rider. Gone are the days when brochure boxes on yard signs were a common practice. Sign riders are sleeker and more straightforward, laser-focusing the buyers’ attention on the important and appealing details so they are aware of them before they call or message the agent.

In a way, it is up to the agent to be strategic about the wording on the sign riders. The yard sign is meant to grab people’s attention while the sign riders keep people engaged and invite them to take a certain action, like scheduling a viewing of the home through the listing agent. Thinking about what exactly to put on the sign riders is an important design and marketing aspect.

  • Sign riders can help your property stand out more in the market. Using a mix of traditional and digital methods to market a property can maximize its visibility and chances of being sold. What some agents or brokers fail to realize is that digital tools are not meant to replace physical signs on a listed property. They are meant to enhance each other and make up for what the other lacks.

Sign riders are often overlooked, which can give the listed home a competitive advantage. Using sign riders in addition to online promotion can attract more potential buyers to the property.

  • Sign riders can be tech integrated. As stated in the previous point, digital and traditional marketing tools are meant to be complementary. So why not make sign riders a physical aspect of your digital strategy? You can leverage them as a part of an automated lead-generating and nurturing process via different apps. Some apps are specially programmed to send an automated reply containing your contact information as well as details about the property when a buyer texts the number on the sign rider.
Real Estate Sign Riders

Moreover, these apps can collect the buyer’s information and tell you if that said buyer is currently at the property. This makes meetups more convenient and an agreement between you and the buyer. Your real estate firm can also use the stored data from the app to create detailed reports that refine and inform future marketing strategies as well. Sign riders may be physical markers, but they can also provide far more than that with the right app and marketing tactics.

  • Sign riders can be customized to increase their effectiveness. While you can readily purchase sign riders from a printer, you can also have them custom-made. Sign riders are not as boring as they used to be and come in many shapes and designs nowadays. Depending on the information you want to display and the branding needed, you can have sign riders created in the shape and colors needed to make them eye-catching, informative, and appealing as well.

Sign riders are more relevant and beneficial than they used to be. Aside from providing important details, they can be used to increase a property’s visibility and improve digital methods too.

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