Adorable and Soothing Shabby Chic Decor Ideas for Bedrooms

The days of tip-top and perfect bedrooms with proper furniture are long gone because most of the people are going for a shabby chic look. If you are unaware of the shabby chic decor ideas, we must say that you are missing out on a lot. Shabby chic style gained popularity in the 1990s. It is rustic, vintage, feminine, pocket-friendly, and has a touch of cottage style to it. A shabby chic bedroom gives a warm, cozy, and homely vibe.

In case you are interested in giving your bedroom the shabby chic style, you can browse through the pictures given below. We, the architecturesideas can give a makeover to your room at an affordable rate through our amazing ideas. It is the best go-to option for comfy bedrooms.

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A classic shabby chic look is usually made up of the pink and white color scheme. Make sure the color palette is soothing to your eyes and relaxing for your mind. It should evoke peace in your room. Some of the other soft and palatable colors to choose from are mint, peach, dusky rose, etc. Clean and crisp linens blend very well with these shades. As for the furniture, it is advisable to use worn out but comfortable and vintage statement pieces. The lighting plays a crucial role as well. Artificial plants and flowers can be used to make the room more lit. You can experiment with light colors by using bold colors like turquoise and reds to give a contrasting effect. In short, you need to decorate your space with the things you absolutely adore.  

It makes the room very unique. Recently, it has returned in the trend, only with a lot less fuss and ruffles. Although, the basics of shabby chic are exactly the same. There are people who adore its simplicity and casual approach whereas some find it too girlie and illogical. No matter which category you choose to be in, there is no denying that shabby chic is rocking the interior designing world.