5 Signs of a Blocked Drain That You Shouldn’t Ignore

A signs of a blocked drain can occur at any time, whether it’s in the toilet sink, kitchen sink, shower drain, or roof drain. Even a minor leak can cause fungus or algae growth in your ceilings, pipes, and cause water to seep into flooring and walls, damaging your property. Water damage to your property can be disastrous, that can attract all kinds of insects and pests. 

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As blockage drains usually gradually develop over time, early detection is crucial to preventing the blocked drain from worsening and resulting in a messy and costly situation.

We’re sharing five early signs of blocked drains so you don’t have to face the uncertain inconvenience and expense that comes with blocked drains. 

Change in Water Levels in Toilets

Change in Water Levels in Toilets

Flushing the toilet is a good way to see the signs of how your soil pipes are working. If you flush the toilet and the water level appears to be lower than usual, signs are that it might be clogged. And if the water flows quickly and smoothly, the drainage system is perfectly fine. It’s usually better to deal with a slow drain problem as soon as possible because it appears to be more of an insignificant problem than a major problem at first, but it can quickly increase, causing more significant issues. 

Keep checking on these signs with “is a sufficient amount of water being released? Is the water still flowing? If there isn’t, you’ll need to look at the drainage pipe and find the issue. 

Foul Odors

Foul Odors

Any foul odor where you live is uncomfortable and unpleasant to bear, this also indicates the space is not clean to sustain. A foul drain odor is the first clue that the drains are not clean and it isn’t working properly. Several factors can result in a foul-smelling drain, for instance, food and other leftovers become lodged in the pipes, a foul odor often results. Sometimes when the solid waste is stuck in areas where there is an obstruction and couldn’t pass smoothly. 

Later on, it begins to degrade, and in the worst scenarios, the water that has been combined with it becomes stagnant. Additionally, it also causes a foul smell in the surrounding areas that are connected like supply pipes, sinks, bathtubs, and toilets.

Water That Is Slowly Flowing

Water That Is Slowly Flowing

This is the easiest sign to notice when checking a blocked drain. Due to soap, vegetable washing, cooking oil, and other cosmetic materials being washed down the drain pipes in your bathrooms and kitchen sinks can easily be clogged. You will notice that the water drains slowly. Water can collect over an open drain then slowly drain away instead of immediately, as it would if the drain were healthy and in excellent functioning order. 

These build up over time, narrowing the breadth of the drain pipes and causing an obstruction for water to drain more slowly. This is a normal occurrence, with a plunger or drain cleaner, you might be able to clear the drain clog yourself but regular drain cleaning will keep things running smoothly.

Drains That Are Noisy or Gurgling

Drains That Are Noisy or Gurgling

Apart from the slowly flowing water, you may hear gurgling sounds from your drain pipes and fixtures in some circumstances, any tub, sink, or shower with a clogged drain will make a gurgling sound as the water tries to drain freely. These gurgling sounds occur when the air becomes trapped in the drain pipes because of the blockage, whenever water tries to flow through, gurgling is produced. 

In cases of bad drain blockages, the gurgling may be louder than usual. This is a major reason to hire a plumber or get expert advice from agencies like Jim’s plumbing.

Bills Have Risen

Bills Have Risen

A clogged toilet can be extremely damaging, including to your pockets. A sudden spike in your water bill is not only inconvenient financially, but it could also indicate that your drains are leaking or there are some major issues related to your drains. It is better to connect drain services like Jim’s plumbing to check for concealed leaks. Continuously running water and frequent flushing from a toilet can waste a lot of water daily and cause your water bill to rise.  It’s critical to get the blocked drains cleaned right away to save up on your cash. 


Why Are Drain Systems So Important?

A good drainage system is essential for keeping your house hygienic and safe, and even a minor issue can quickly turn into a major issue. Like it can cause structural damage as well as a range of health issues. Mold, algae, insects, and pests can lead to a variety of health problems such as respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and asthma. Even the strongest wall or the tough material used for construction may start to deteriorate with time under such damp conditions.

Should I Clean My Drains Regularly to Avoid Blockages?

Yes. Cleaning your drain pipes every month can help prevent clogs caused by food, soap scum, hair, and other solids that block the water from free-flowing. 

What to Do If You Have a Drain Blockage

You may be able to remove minor obstructions yourself with a drain cleaner, which can be purchased at most local hardware stores. This is, however, suggested for minor drain blockages.
Contact an expert or good draining agencies if the blockage is serious. Jim’s plumbing caters to drainage issues and clears clogs using cutting-edge technology and equipment.
Overall, it is critical to treat any blocked drains concerns as soon as there are any of these signs to keep your drainage system in good working order. Nobody enjoys the concept of clogged plumbing lines or cleaning them, whether they carry liquid waste or solid waste. Blocked drains may be avoided in many circumstances with help of some experts like Jim’s plumbing, to help you keep your plumbing lines clean and safe

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