How You Can Place Your Sofa for Optimal Functionality

Imagine a lazy day when you don’t want to do anything; just lie down and just enjoy peace & comfort. Sounds good, right? We probably all want to be like this on some days, lie down comfortably, and enjoy our time. A sofa is the perfect piece of furniture to pass your day like this. All couch potatoes know this!

The sofa is the most essential piece of furniture in your living room. The sofa is not only a place of comfort but also can decide the aesthetics of the room; ensure your sofa placement is done in the perfect spot for maximum comfort and style

Here, we will tell you how you can place your sofa in the right way. 

Arrangement 1: A Focal Point

A Focal Point for sofa replacement

One main rule of setting the room sofa is pointing your sofa towards the focal point. In most of the cases, the focal point is the television. So, make sure to style a leather sofa pointing at your TV. If you don’t have a TV in the living room, you have to create a focal point facing toward the balcony or room door. Now, point your sofa towards this point of the room. 

Arrangement 2: Symmetry

While setting the sofa, you need to think about the balance. If there are a lot of visually heavy things on a single side of the area, then the whole area will look unbalanced. As sofas are large in scale, they will need something of the same weight across the room to establish a balance. Thus, you will see many people keeping chairs across from a sofa. 

If your living room is balanced, it will look beautiful. If you have a TV in your living room, arrange a three-seater sofa opposite the television and two single-seaters on each side for perfect symmetry. 

You can also balance the heavy couch with two chairs facing this sofa. Also, you can arrange a sectional if you don’t want to place many chairs around. 

Arrangement 3: Movement & Flow

 Movement & Flow for  Place Your Sofa

The sofa should be arranged in a way that doesn’t affect the movement in the room. You need to avoid close-knit positions where people might face difficulty entering the seating area. Make sure to avoid keeping the sofa near the doors. The setting should be such that it looks welcoming, and thus, a free-flowing order is the best for you. 

Arrangement 4: Corners and Walls

The sofa appears heavy, and thus, our first instinct is to keep them in a corner or line them to the wall. The room will feel airy if you give some gap between the two. However, if you have a small room, you should push against the wall.

Arrangement 5: Dealing with Sectionals 

It is difficult to place the sectionals because you can’t have a symmetrical arrangement. However, the positive point of the sectional sofa is that it won’t require add-ons. You can keep these sofas in any way, and they balance two sides perfectly. They can act as dividers if you have a living-cum dining room. 

What Are the Ideal Types of Furniture to Use with the Sofa?

What Are the Ideal Types of Furniture to Use with the Sofa

You can use various types of furniture along with the sofa. Selecting the right type of furniture will enhance the appearance of your living room and create an atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing. 

Here are some of the ideal types of furniture:


Chairs are the most common types of furniture that go along with the sofa. You can choose the upholstered ones or the ones with the wood legs and arms.

Coffee Table

You can use the coffee table for drinks and snacks. One of the great uses of the coffee table is serving snacks to the guests. Buy a coffee table that contrasts well with your sofa. 


The bookcase is an item on the shelf that is used for holding books with open fronts and backs. 

Side Tables

The side tables will provide an additional space for drinks & snacks. You can also keep the other decoration items on the side table.

Final Thoughts

At last, we would say that arranging the sofa in the right way can optimize the space of your living room and improve its aesthetics. Thus, you need to arrange the sofa in the best possible space; we have mentioned some of the best ways of arranging your sofa in your living room. You can take ideas from these arrangements and set up your sofa in the same way. 

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