Top Things to Know Before Moving to Charlotte in 2024

Craving the Southern vibes? Charlotte has it all: a strong job market, a cheerful sports setting, and a decent cost of living. Charlotte is a beautiful city in the South that sprawls out in North Carolina’s Piedmont area. It sits close enough for a few hours’ drive to reach the Appalachian Mountains and the beautiful white sand beaches of North Carolina. Get the lowdown on what you need to know before making the move to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Moving to Charlotte: Pros and Cons

moving to charlotte

Charlotte is located in the southeastern part of the United States, almost on the border of North and South Carolina. The city was founded primarily by Protestants and remained so for a long time. And although the denominational composition of its population now has become much more diverse, Protestant, especially Baptist. 

  • State: North Carolina
  • Founded: 1768
  • Population: 888,000 people
  • Average Rent: $1,600+ per month.
  • Average home value: $380,000+
  • Nickname: The Queen City, The Hornet’s Nest;
  • Land Area: 308.6 square miles (799 km2).

Here are several facts by A Plus Moving and Storage company before moving into the pros and cons of Charlotte.

Economic Aspect

economic aspects of charlotte

The financial world makes its presence felt in Charlotte at every turn. Near the historic intersection of Trade and Tryon stands a huge modern glass building, the tallest in the city. This is the headquarters of Bank of America, the largest in the country. The city streets are full of white-collar workers, especially in the business part, the so-called uptown. There are many offices and financial institutions located here.


  • Active external and internal market;
  • Shallotte plays the role of a major transport hub;
  • A large number of investors and businesses of different niches.

Since the middle of the last century, the city has gained fame as the second financial center of the country after New York. For this reason, it is sometimes jokingly called “little apple.” Also, despite the large number of companies,


In general, Charlotte has no shortcomings that would somehow distinguish it from other American cities. The only thing that can create challenges for the economic field is corruption.

Job Market

job market in charlotte

Based on the point above, it is obvious that Charlotte has many job opportunities due to the constant growth of the economy, the number of investors, and the registration of businesses of different levels.


  • Large companies (e.g., Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Duke Energy) employ thousands of people;
  • A large market for IT specialists;
  • Constant support for jobs in the fields of medicine, education, and manufacturing.
  • Attractive city for job seekers.

What else can you expect from America’s second financial center? It is an ideal place to realize your work potential, but it still has some difficulties.


  • A lot of candidates for one job;
  • High requirements for specialists (even in a low niche);

Newcomers in the city, without proper research, will find it difficult to find the desired job in the shortest possible time.

Cost of Living

cost of living in charlotte

Despite all the financial activity inside and outside the city, Charlotte is a fairly cheap city for affordable living. As mentioned above, the average rent is $1,600 per month, and for example, in New York, the price, according to estimates for 2023, is $3,666 per month. 

In addition, various restaurants and entertainment venues are reasonably priced thanks to a relatively low tax burden: income tax of 5.25% and no local income tax at all. As a result, affordable housing and low taxes make Charlotte a more comfortable and easier place to live.

Charlotte Activities

Charlotte activities

In addition to the financial sphere, the townspeople are very proud of their love of auto racing. 20 kilometers from the city center, in the Concord area, is the famous Charlotte Motor Speedway stadium in the world of motorsports. In addition, the city has many museums and exhibition halls, including Discovery Place, Billy Graham Library, and, of course, the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

But be prepared for quite polluted air and crowds of tourists during the auto racing period. Still, this is a cult event for many people from all over the world because this period, in addition to emotions, can bring discomfort and release a large amount of exhaust gas into the atmosphere.

Nature and Environment

enviornment of charlotte

The northern part of America often faces weather changes, unexpected snow, and natural disasters like hurricanes and floods.

  • Hurricanes. This is a regular “guest” in Charlotte during the early summer and mid-autumn.
  • Floods. Floods occur less frequently and depend mainly on intense hurricanes and heavy rains.

Based on this, many are afraid to move to this city, and they can be understood. But Charlotte still boasts wonderful beaches, parks like Ramsey Creek, nature trails, and other pristine natural areas. This may not be a counterbalance to natural disasters, but it is still definitely an advantage.

Culture and Lifestyle

culture of charlonette

Charlotte residents greatly respect and appreciate their city and want to improve it. But they most likely do this for themselves and not to attract tourists and residents of other states. This difference in culture and lifestyle cannot be immediately discerned.


  • Each neighborhood has its own features;
  • Freedom for creativity and expression;
  • Residents treat the city as their home.


The main disadvantage of Charlotte’s lifestyle is that on days when various events like NFL or NBA tournaments are not taking place, the city is quite “empty.” City representatives commented on this matter, explaining that city residents are quite asocial and communicate only in small circles of family and friends.

On the one hand, it’s good to have such a life position. But on the other hand, if you are moving to Charlotte, it will be difficult for you to socialize and join one of these groups fast and easily.

Final Words

Among America’s promising big cities, Charlotte stands out for its bright future. It consistently earns accolades for its high quality of living and ranks as the third fastest-growing city of its size in the country. If you seek a fantastic place to invest in your future, the Queen City is the perfect destination you’ve been searching for all this time.

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