Yichang Grand Theater

Lined Circle

Location: Yichang, Hubei Province, China Architect: OPEN Architecture Completion Date: 2025 Cost: $1 billion Site Area: 70,000 square meters Building Area: 50,000 square meters Gross Floor Area: 100,000 square meters Height: 60 meters Number of floors: 7 Seating capacity: 1600 (grand theater), 1200 (concert hall), 400 (black box) Programming: Performing arts, exhibitions, conferences, and other events

The Yichang Grand Theater is a significant addition to the city's cultural landscape. The theater's unique design and programming will make it a destination for visitors from around the world.


The Yichang Grand Theater is being constructed by a joint venture of Chinese and German companies. The construction is scheduled to be completed in 2025.


The Yichang Grand Theater will host a variety of performing arts, exhibitions, conferences, and other events. The theater will also be used for educational and community programs.


The Yichang Grand Theater was designed by OPEN Architecture, a Beijing-based architecture firm. The firm's founding partner, Li Hu, said that the design of the theater was inspired by the spirit of water that defines the city of Yichang


The theater is LEED Gold certified and features a number of sustainable features, such as: – A green roof – Natural ventilation – Low-flow toilets – Water-saving fixtures – Energy-efficient lighting

The theater has a fluid and partially floating design that is inspired by the nearby rivers. The building is made up of curved, matte anodized aluminum tubes and is raised above the ground on stilts.