4 Design Tips for a More Productive Office

Your office is an important place.

If you manage to get everything right, you’ll be able to increase the productivity of your employees, give them a peace of mind they need and increase morale in your company.

Now, before you go into “panic-mode” and start ordering foosball tables and Google-like go-cart tracks in your headquarters, you should stop, take a deep breath and relax for a second…

Preparing your office doesn’t require anything ridiculous… in reality, all you need to do are small changes to your office and you’ll be on the right track…

In fact, few simple design fixes are probably going to make everything right…

1. Work on Your Ergonomics

If your back is killing you all day long, you won’t be too productive – right? Encourage your workers to sit properly and if needed, order some better chairs. This might cost you right now, but trust us, you’ll be thankful later down the line.

You have to create an agile working environment, by designing different working areas within the office that will give your staff complete freedom. If you want to know more about agile working, you should head over to officeprinciples.com and check out everything you need to know.

Work on Your Ergonomics


2. Get Rid of All That Clutter

This is a no-brainer, but sometimes we get too distracted by bigger tasks to notice that our office looks like a complete mess. However, a clutter-free office will have a positive impact on your employees’ morale and increase productivity.

You should enforce a “clean desk” policy in your office and encourage your workers to scan more files and documents, in order to create a more paper-free environment.

Get Rid of All That Clutter


3) Make Changes in Color

Colors in our environment have a huge impact on our productivity and mood. While all of us have our preferences, some colors impact people universally. For instance, the color blue will stimulate our minds while yellow will increase our creativity…

The choice of the color depends on your needs of course, but you should pay attention to the saturation and the intensity of your choice. Bright colors will stimulate your workers, while more muted ones will soothe them…

Make Changes in Color


4. Be One with Nature

If you don’t have enough money in your budget to re-pain the office, there are still some solutions out there. For instance, you can easily add a couple of plants in the office. This is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way of maximizing productivity at the office.

Recent studies have shown that adding a plant on your desk works wonders for your attention. Plants are also great for your health, because they can remove all of those nasty bacteria from the room. This will keep your employees productive, concentrated and healthy.

 Be One with Nature


The Bottom Line

The office environment depends on a lot of different factors and design is just one of them. It also depends on your office culture. Therefore, in addition some re-designs, you have to make sure to give feedback to your employees on a regular basis and listen if they have any suggestions or concerns.


This will allow you to have a happy workforce that’s ready to make sacrifices for the success of your business.
Remember: happy workers are productive workers.


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