Factors To Think About When Looking For A Concrete Supplier

Every construction project will require a contractor to hire suppliers. Some would provide you with wood, and others will provide the rest. The following are some of the important factors to consider when selecting a concrete supplier.

Concrete Supplier

The Supplier’s Location

A great supplier is not just one that has an office in the right location. Their place of office is one thing, but their warehouse should also be strategically located. You do not want a company that advertises in one location but sources their supplies elsewhere.

A supplier should have warehouses and other cement sources that can get to various points rather quickly. When you do that, you won’t experience any delays in the completion of your projects.

Consider The Reviews

Ask for referrals from contractors, friends who had remodeling work done on their homes, and others who have had dealings with other concrete suppliers. You can then contact the suppliers and ask for references.

In case you can contact a previous customer or if a friend of yours makes a referral, ask them the following questions:

  • Were there any problems with the concrete that they supplied?
  • Did the shipments arrive as scheduled?
  • What caused any delays?
  • How would you rate their service?
  • Was the concrete the right mix?
  • Would you recommend this company to me?


Construction projects will always carry a lot of variables. There will always be something unexpected that will happen. That means everyone involved in the project, including the concrete supplier, should be flexible enough to adapt to any changes.

For instance, if certain factors have caused delays in the project and concrete needs to be delivered in the middle of the night, a quality supplier should be able to accommodate such a request. 

Sudden changes to the ready-mix may also be requested, depending on certain circumstances. A flexible supplier should be able to make the necessary changes as needed at the soonest possible time.


An experienced concrete supplier will know the business inside and out. They will know the right type of mix that will best suit your project and can make proper recommendations.

If there is a shortage in the supply of certain materials in one area, they might have connections elsewhere that can provide what is needed. Industry experience also indicates the level of expertise of a particular supplier, which means they can help make things run smoother. 

Ask for a Site Visit

You need more than just a quote or a referral from a supplier of concrete. You need to be able to assess how good they are. One of the best ways to do that is to ask them to do a site visit. That way, they can send one of their specialists to look at your project.

This is an amazing occasion for you to gauge the expertise of your would-be supplier. Just make sure to call ahead of time so they can schedule one of their specialists to visit the site of your current project.

Ask the specialist about the following:

  • How many trucks are needed to provide the necessary amount of concrete for your project using safe transportation methods?
  • Clarify the accessibility of their delivery trucks.
  • How would they space the orders?
  • Are there any admixtures that he or she is willing to recommend?
  • What are the hauling costs and other expenses that you will have to shoulder?
  • How much concrete would be required? Ask for the total number or at least a ballpark estimate. A really good supplier should be able to do the computation right in front of you and provide you with a near enough estimate.


Finding a good supplier of concrete is crucial to any project. With careful screening, you can find one that will suit the needs of your business.

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