3 Remedies to Control Allergens and Improve Indoor Air Quality

Allergies occur when a person’s immune system responds unusually to substances that don’t cause a reaction in other individuals. These components may be pet dander, pollen, mold, or dust. If you’re allergic to these elements, your body often releases antibodies to fight them once you ingest, inhale, or touch them. As a result, this response leads to symptoms like skin rashes, hives, frequent sneezing, or breathing difficulties. Let’s see some remedies to control allergens and improve indoor air quality.

There might not be a cure for allergies. However, there are some steps one could take to prevent them from occurring. One of the best measures is to ensure that your house or office has good air quality.  

How to Prevent Allergies and Ensure Good Air Quality Indoors

How to Prevent Allergies and Ensure Good Air Quality Indoors

If you get allergies, the outdoors might not be too friendly for you. However, your office or house might not be safe, too. This is because most allergens are airborne and quickly spread throughout your home or workspace before settling onto floors, furniture, and other surfaces. Indoor allergens are thought to be even more harmful because they’re more concentrated and often recirculated.

To prevent allergic reactions in your home or office, below are ways to improve your space’s air quality:

Clean Your Space More Frequently

Keeping your house or indoor working area clean is one of the best ways to eliminate or reduce allergens and maintain good air quality. Therefore, consider vacuuming your area rugs and carpets at least once a week, as these tend to hold more dust, pollen, pet dander, and other harmful substances. A good vacuuming machine to use is one with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. These trap allergens inside instead of pushing them back into the air. If you don’t have such an appliance, wear a dust mask when vacuuming.

If you have a busy schedule, hire a carpet cleaning company to help you wash or vacuum your carpets and rugs regularly. However, make sure that you work with a local firm because they’re easily reachable and could be cheaper. You can search online for cleaning service providers near you for your carpet cleaning Geelong needs. Alternatively, you can also ask a friend or relative to recommend a good cleaning company within your vicinity. 

Besides vacuuming your carpets and rugs, you should also clean your curtains, pet bedding, every room in your house, and all areas in your office more frequently. This will prevent the accumulation of dust, pet fur, pollen, and other allergens. 

Buy an Air Purifier

An air purifier is a vital appliance to buy if you live or have an office near a factory or main road. Usually, you have zero or little control over pollutants and allergens in such cases. This air cleaner traps harmful substances as air flows into it before it’s released back into your space. As a result, you’ll have clean air in circulation. 

There are different air purifier types available today. For instance, a purifier with a HEPA filter will eliminate dust, pet hair, and pollen. On the other hand, activated carbon air purifiers are designed to remove odors, gases, smoke, and fumes. Therefore, you must first know what device is best for you when buying your air cleaner. Moreover, you must also take into consideration the type of allergy you have before purchasing one. 

Reduce Humidity in Your Space

Reduce Humidity in Your Space

Moisture from the kitchen, bathrooms, attic, or basement can increase humidity indoors. As a result, mold finds a perfect environment to thrive in. This fungus could trigger symptoms like wheezing or shortness of breath if you’re asthmatic. If you aren’t, mold exposure could irritate your nose, eyes, lungs, or throat.

Reducing humidity in your house or office helps prevent mold growth. To do this, buy a dehumidifier for your space. Also, check for leaks regularly, and if you notice any, fix them immediately. Other than that, clean your bathroom regularly, ensure it’s well ventilated, and install an exhaust fan inside to eliminate moisture. 

If there are areas with mold, clean them using a disinfectant. However, ensure you wear protective gear such as a mask covering your mouth and nose, gloves, and goggles. This way, you’ll avoid inhaling the fungus and protect your skin and eyes from it. 


One efficient way to eliminate allergens indoors is to make sure the air in your house or workspace is clean. In this article, you’ve learned about some of the steps you could take to ensure this. 

Considering the recommendations mentioned above will help you maintain a space with fewer allergens. As a result, you’ll reduce the risk of illnesses or allergic reactions in your home or workspace. 

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