4 Ways To Add Decorative Concrete To Your Property

Concrete is commonly used for multiple construction projects, from large industrial buildings to residential properties. Granted, there’s a wide variety of materials at your disposal. However, concrete is a highly versatile material. With its durability and affordable price, you can have the best of both worlds while appreciating how ready it is for application.

Despite concrete’s practicality, many homeowners still prefer wood or metal. Because compared to them, concrete is seen as a basic building material that lacks character. But thanks to the Alburquerque concrete contractor and other manufacturers, they provide high-quality decorative concrete that can improve your property’s aesthetic value.

Here are some ways to add decorative concrete to your property:

Use Concrete Walls

Use Concrete Walls

Using concrete in building a house is nothing out of the norm. However, that changes once you only use concrete for your interior design, especially on the walls. After all, some believe that concrete is limited to those who prefer minimalism with how bare it is. 

However, interior designers are starting to use concrete as a medium. It’s relatively easy to manipulate, and you can create all sorts of designs and textures with the right equipment. Before you know it, what used to be a cold and flat material is transformed into a gorgeous backdrop suitable for all kinds of home designs. From minimalist to Bohemian, you can achieve various styles, all thanks to concrete.  

Use Concrete Flooring

Use Concrete Flooring

If you have concrete walls, you should pair them with concrete flooring. The durability of concrete flooring is perfect for indoor or outdoor applications. On top of that, you can choose from various design choices for concrete with the right equipment. But in most cases, finishing enhances concrete’s appearance one step further.

Instead of leaving it plain gray, finishings and treatments are available to boost concrete’s aesthetic appeal while serving as added protection. Finishing materials can make your floor water-repellant, making them much easier to clean. That’s why concrete is much more popular outdoors rather than indoors.

Meanwhile, polished concrete is perfect for indoor use since it has a slick sheen that some homeowners prefer. But for those who want subtle details, stained concrete might be up your alley with its mottled finishing.

While you can use stained concrete outdoors, consider using sealed concrete, especially when using it as a patio paver. Although it features a matte look, it protects the flooring from stains and water, which is perfect for those who like that aesthetic.

Consider a Concrete Bathroom

Consider a Concrete Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the areas in the house that comes in contact with water the most. Because of this, cleaning the bathroom must be performed regularly. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with mold and mildew in no time. Most households use tiles in their bathrooms. However, scrubbing along the grout to remove any mildew stuck in between is extremely tedious. But with concrete, you don’t need to clean bathroom grouts again.

There aren’t any seams on concrete showers, preventing any dirt from accumulating when they’re not cleaned properly. Furthermore, sealers are available to make concrete much easier to maintain. There’s no need to worry about slipping either when a non-slip material can be applied to the sealers. However, choosing a broom-swept texture doubles the concrete’s friction without needing non-slip materials.

As for those who prefer bathtubs more than showers, there’s an option for a concrete bathtub. Unlike concrete showers, the best way to fully enjoy concrete bathtubs is to choose one with a smooth finish. With how pleasant it feels on your skin, there’s no doubt that taking a bath here would be an excellent experience.  

Level Up the Kitchen

Level Up the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest areas in your home, and it makes sense to give it some pampering. But considering how busy it is, it might be impossible for some to find the time to do a complete kitchen makeover. However, there are various alternatives available without going through a complete overhaul.

The countertops and kitchen island are significant fixtures in the kitchen. After all, that’s where you cook and prepare meals. That’s why upgrading them alone could immediately boost your kitchen’s appeal.

Although they’re made of concrete, there’s still an option to customize these countertops and kitchen island. As long as you list down your preferences, the manufacturer will design them to your preferences. Moreover, you don’t need to strain yourself from cleaning any stain or discoloration, given that there’s an option to apply sealers on concrete. 


Despite how common concrete is as a building material, many might be surprised that it has more applications beyond that. Using concrete as a decorative feature might be the most shocking one. After all, concrete is often perceived as dull. But if you hire someone familiar with handling concrete, decorating the house using that material is possible.

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