The Key Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix concrete is one of the most popular options used by today’s professional builders. The material is a particularly popular concrete option for use in large-scale construction projects. It is no secret that the quality of concrete that is used as a direct impact on the overall durability and strength of a finished construction project. Consistent quality is a major benefit of ready mix concrete. Many construction professionals choose ready mix concrete as their go-to product for a variety of different applications.

The amount of time saved by using ready mix concrete is one of the most obvious advantages. Its use dramatically reduces the amount of labor that workers have to engage in when it comes to preparing concrete on the building site. With this point in mind, it is worth taking some time to look at the other advantages of using ready mix concrete Essex. It is also a good idea to take a look at some of the drawbacks associated with its use.

The Key Advantages of Using Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete


  • The Convenience Factor – The most obvious benefit of ready mix concrete is the simple fact that it is more convenient than other options. Your work crew will not have to devote significant amounts of time mixing concrete when you choose this option.
  • A Consistent Level of Quality – Ready mix concrete offers a consistent level of quality that can be relied on.    
  • Less Materials Waste – The use of ready mix concrete also means less wastage of materials on your building site.
  • Ready Mix Concrete Is an Environmentally-Friendly Option – The use of ready mix concrete Essex also has environmental benefits. On-site concrete preparation leads to a significant amount of dust emissions that can be avoided with the use of the ready mix option.   
  • Ready Mix Concrete Is a Highly Versatile Option – The versatility of ready mix concrete is another key advantage. There are many construction project applications that it works well with.
  • Using Ready Mix Concrete Can Reduce Delivery Costs – Yet another compelling benefit of using ready mix concrete is the fact that it can dramatically reduce delivery costs. Since the concrete is ready mixed you save money on delivery fees for the materials that you would require to mix it yourself.

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The Key Disadvantages of Using Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete


  • It Can Be Difficult to Transport Ready Mix Concrete Over Long Distances – A key disadvantage of using ready mix concrete is the fact that it cannot be transported effectively over large distances. This is because concrete hardens over time. Because of this, ready mix concrete needs to be transported quickly so that it can be used right away.
  • Ready Mix Concrete Requires a Bigger Up-Front Investment – Though ready mix concrete can save you money in the long run, it does require a larger up-front investment for the product.
  • Ready Mix Concrete Is Not Ideal for Smaller Building Projects – Ready mix concrete is a great investment for large-scale building projects, but its cost-effectiveness decreases when dealing with smaller ones

Final Thoughts

Ready mix concrete has some compelling benefits as well as a few drawbacks. Choosing this option will often depend on the scope of your building project, but it can be a great choice when the circumstances are favorable for its use.