50 Amazing Office Gadgets That Will Ease Your Everyday Tasks

It is said that behind every successful person there is someone who worked hard for it along with him. Similarly, there are certainly small but very useful office gadgets that make your everyday tasks easier. They are the helping hands in every aspect while you are at work as well as they are useful to us in unique ways. These tiny tools make your work easier and decorate your desk to all it’s corner. Have a look on these 50 Amazing Office Gadgets That Will Ease Your Everyday Tasks. Upgrade your work with these advanced tools and outshine your profession within your company.

1. Clip-On Cup Holder

The clip-on cup holder can be helpful to your daily office life. This can be fixed easily on the side of the table and can adapt the cups in order to prevent water cup upset.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : zdnet.com

2. Melting Clock

The melting clock was the art known as the persistence of memory. This was the one of the best of collection at Museum of Modern Art at New York.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : dwell.co.uk

3. Mobile Desk

A mobile desk is also known as a standing desk for working at multiple places in the office premises. This desk is portable.

Amazing Office Gadgets


source : walmart.com

4. Desktop Companion Robot

The desktop companion robot has the human-like movements and communication skills. When kept on the desk, this robot can help you relieve your stress. It’s not quite as practical as a proper robot vacuum, like these ones, but it’s much cheaper.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : medium.com

5. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot is a smart speaker developed by Amazon. The device consists of speaker and will help you to forget all your work pressure.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : zdnet.com

6. Samsung Chromebook Plus

The Samsung Chromebook Plus is the laptop running the linux based chrome OS as its basic operating system.

amazing office gadgets

source : cdn.com

7. Evapolar – Personal Air Cooler

amazing office gadgets

source : evapolar.com

8. Cable Management Accessories

While working, you may have to come across a huge number of wires and cables. So, having a cable management tool to manage the cables.

amazing office gadgets


source : amazon.com

9. Personal Mini-fridge

This portable fridge is a great food storing box while travelling or going for a long road trips. With having both the functionality of cooling and warming, you can store both hot as well as cold beverages.

amazing office gadgets

source : i5.walmartimages.com

 10. Converge

Converge is a place for the gadgets to rest and recharge. It is a modern docking station that which shows off the electronics when they charge.

amazing office gadgets

source : wordpress.com

11. Fidget Spinner – Stress Reducer

fidget spinner are the latest craze amongst children and adults. Beast gadget to reduce stress and helps in the growth of focus.

Amazing Office Gadgets

source : aboxofreviews.com

12. Desktop Punching Ball 

Desktop Punching ball is the tool majorly used for relieving yourself from stress. This will help you with the little stresses caused at the workplace.

Amazing Office Gadgets

source : hammacher.com

13. Air Purifier Spy Cam

Nobody wants to inhale impure air at the places where they live or work. This air purifier is a great oxygen filter which let you breath easily.

Amazing Office Gadgets

source : gadgetreview.com

14. Silent mouse

Silent mouse will let you click without annoying your workplace neighbours. These are ideal for workplaces and are the most innovative tools in the world of hardware.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : mojomojo.co

15. Spy Pen Video Camera

These are the pens which will let you take videos of the seminars you attend and can watch it again whenever you need.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : viperprotection.com

16. Solar USB charger

Solar USB charger is a high-speed portable USB charger. This is lightest weight solar charger that can be used on your desk in order to charge your mobile phones.

Amazing Office GadgetsSource : zdnet.com

17. Digital Smartpen

The digital smartpen comes with smart coding which makes it capture the ink stroke with the infrared camera.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : amazon.de

18. Cable Clips

The cable clips at the desk of your workspace holds all your hanging cables from particular places and also accommodates cable bundles.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : infmetry.com

19 .Floppy Disk Sticky Notes

The floppy disk sticky notes are the sticky notes with the titles of To Do, Reminders, and a lot more. This can be helpful to keep the reminders regarding high priority tasks.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : burak.ca

20. App Magnets

In this technologically developed world, at office, we have multiple apps to work on. These app magnets can make the working easy by reminding of the apps.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : ythey.wordpress.com

21. Monitor Rear-View Mirror

A convex type small mirror which can be mounted on your monitor. This helps you to keep a look at your back and also from the corners from which your boss peeks out.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : usendipost.com

22. Self-Stirring Mug

When you no time to manually stir and mix all the thing inside your mug for coffee, just grab one of this self-stirring mug which mix up every ingredient inside it.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : walmart.com

23. Perpetual Calendar

A great addition to your office desk, a magical calendar which be used year after year. Colors indicates the days and dates with the help of magnets.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : notonthehighstreet.com

24. Floppy Disk USB Drive

A portable external floppy disk drive which can be connected through USB to your PC or laptop.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : aliexpress.com

25. USB Mail Notifier

It connects you to your personal mail account when you are not available. And inform you every update regarding your account.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : focalprice.com

 26. Wireless Key-Finder

Do you have a habit to lose your important keys? Yes! This gadget is for you. Just attach it with your keychain and forget it. Whenever you feel like your keys lost, just open your smartphone and track your keys.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : zdnet.com

27. Notepad Roller

Messing with the old fashioned notepad to which aren’t able to handle? Forget that thing, it’s time to replace it with this new To-Do list which too handy.

Amazing Office Gadgets

source : uncommongoods.com

28. Smartphone Sanitizer

Know what icky things are there on your phone with this smartphone sanitizer. It analyze everything on your phone through UV lights.

amazing office gadgets

source : shopify.com

29. 24 Port USB Monster Hub

Are you a geeky person? Loves to connect all your gadgets with your PC then you are on correct place. This USB hub have 24 ports, this means it can connect 24 devices at the same time.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : wired.com

30. The Palm Pilot

The palm pilot was launched in 1997.

Amazing Office Gadgetssource : thecommsco.com

31. Whiteboard Wall Clock

Write you To-Do’s in some trendy way. It’s a whiteboard wall clock, a right place to write down your full day schedule.

amazing office gadgets

source : amazon.com

32. LED Programmable Message Fan

This is something really different, a USB fan with an LED programmable message. It comes with different colors, messages as well as many languages.

amazing office gadgets

source : shopyko.com

33. Portable Photo Scanner 

Using reflective scanning, it illuminate the document and take the picture. It is small enough to fit in your pocket, it is made specially pocket-sized.

amazing office gadgets

source : portableandcool.com

34.Wireless Charging Laptop

There are various wires on your desk which can sometimes irritate you. Having a wireless charging laptop can ease your work.

amazing office gadgets

source : i.ytimg.com

35. Cute Hand Warmers

While typing for a long time on keyboards our hands starts to pain. To stop this pain, this gadget is perfect. A hand warmer keeps your hand warm while typing and keeps your work in flow.

amazing office gadgets

source: assets.com

36. Portable Wind up Shredder

A handy device which can be very useful at you workplace. It’s a portable shredder which let you shred your useless paper which don’t need electricity.

source : blogspot.com

37. Portable Cup Warmer

Don’t like drinking a coffee whose temperature is less and don’t have a gas stove to make it warm. This small gadget is just for you. It’s a portable cup warmer to which you can connect through USB cable with your laptop to power up and make your coffee warm.

Amazing Office Gadgets

source : karimunjawaadventure.com

38. Paper Table

A stack of papers on which you can write down your thoughts. You don’t need any notebook, on this just pick up your pen get started.

amazing office gadgets

source : 1sthcc.com

39. Hole Measuring Tape

It’s a normal measuring tape by which you can measure anything you want. But this tape have one advantage that is you don’t require many hands to hold it while measuring a long things. It gets stick to the surface to which you measure.

amazing office gadgets

source : i.pinimg.com

40. ID Guard Stamp

Nowadays, many fake identities are made by scammers. This handy gadget is an ID scanner which identify a difference between fake and original ID card.

Amazing Office Gadgets

source : thegreenhead.com

41. Clockwork Sharpener

A small but very useful tool, a clockwork sharpener which let you sharpen your pencil easily.

amazing office gadgets

source : amazon.com

42. Error Sticky Note Set

A 5 inch sticky note which can always remind you to work error free. It doesn’t need any glue or sticky substance for sticking.

amazing office gadgets

source : alicdn.com

43. Absolutely Desk Supply Set

A tool which hold up all your stationery while you are working. It’s obvious that if you store your stationery on a correct place then you can find them easily.

amazing office gadgets

source : amazon.com

44. Rainbow Highlighters

Highlighters can help you to make reminders on the calendar regarding certain meetings and can help you highlight the targets of the upcoming months.

amazing office gadgets

source : i.ytimg.com

45. Big Deal Playing Card Notepad

An innovative and trendy TO-DO list in which you can write down all your schedule as well as important notes.

Amazing Office Gadgets

source : neatorama.com

46. Cable Fondler

Getting cables messed up at your desk? This gadget will help you manage your cables and make use of them in a better way.

Amazing Office Gadgets

source : youtube.com

47. PocketScan

Most amazing handy gadget which work on batteries and help you to scan your important hard document file into soft document.

amazing office gadgets

source : dacuda.com

48. Luxafor – LED Status Light

This status light will let you stay on the top of your to-do list. With the help of the light, the interruptions are reduced.

amazing office gadgets

source : i.ytimg.com

49. Lacie Sphere Hard Drive

It’s the most fancy silver plated external hard drive which may look stunning with your PC or laptop.

amazing office gadgets

source : techgadgetsweb.com

50. Wacom Bamboo Spark

Wacom Bamboo Spark is the World’s smartest notebook. It is the smart folio with a ballpoint pen and a spot for your favourite paper.

amazing office gadgets

source : amazon.com

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