Want To Apply Rustic Panel To The Walls Of Your House? Here Is The Diy!


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Rustic Panel to the Walls

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Interested in installing Rustic Panel to the Walls by yourself? With the right wood panels and tools, almost anyone can complete this project. There are a few simple steps to follow:

Select the rooms you want to panel

Determine the square feet of the rooms

Select the width of the panels

  • Choose your supplier
  • Select knotty pine, cedar, or barn wood
  • Choose unfinished or prefinished panels
  • Order the materials (paneling and trim) and nails
  • Get out the tools when paneling arrives
  • Watch the installation video
  • Go to work

In addition to the above list, you need to choose the direction in which the panels will run. Will they be installed horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or in a combination of these three? Leading suppliers sell paneling boards that come in convenient lengths.

Before You Order   

Virtually any room in the house can be paneled with rustic boards. Unlike floors, moisture is not an issue with walls so you don’t have to worry about that. Measure the square footage of each room by multiplying the length of each wall by its height. Subtract the space for door and window openings. Once you have the total calculation of the width of the boards which are typically 4”, 5”, 6”, and 8” wide. Do you want smooth paneling or textured, such as barn wood?

Rustic Panel to the Walls

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Choose a reputable supplier that sells top-quality paneling that is free from defects. All boards should be properly dried and hand-inspected for quality. Common choices are knotty pine, cedar, and barn wood. Another decision is whether you want to finish the paneling by yourself or order pre-finished pieces. Prefinished costs more but save a lot of labor time. The supplier will help with material estimates and the choice of woods. Using tongue and groove boards with end-locking is the easier and faster type of paneling to use.

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When The Paneling Arrives

When your order arrives, make sure everything is in order. Is everything accounted for? Is the paneling in the same quality level which you ordered? If something is missing call the company immediately and report it. It’s a good idea to spread the paneling out in the rooms where you will use it for one or two days. This way it will have time to acclimatize to the humidity and temperature.

Rustic Panel to the Walls

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Go ahead and watch the video a couple of times. The first time for a general idea of how to install the paneling and what tools will be needed. The second time take note of the details that will make a difference between doing a great job and an average job. Invest in a quality nail gun if you don’t already have one.

Installing Your Rustic Paneling

Rustic Panel to the Walls

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To begin, select the room that has priority and start at the bottom of the wall. Set the first panel in place and make sure it is level. Use a quality nail gun and nail on the studs. Keep going across the wall until you get to the corner. Cut the last piece to length and nail it. The next layer of boards will hold the end-but joint in place. It’s that easy!

Rustic Panel to the Walls

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The beauty of the tongue-and-groove boards with end-locking (or matching) is they lock together on the sides and the ends. There is no need to end-but the paneling on a stud. The joints are strong enough to lock together between the studs. You can run them in any direction with no worries. Add the trim and molding and you are almost finished. Clean up the mess and vacuum the floors and walls. Apply the finish and your rustic paneling project is finished.

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