Bathroom Vanity – A Modern and Innovative Concept


Space in the bathroom is a big concern for many homeowners. The bigger the bathroom, more space for toiletries and other necessities. If the facilities are not available then it becomes a bit frustrating. You must tackle the problem and create some space in the small area of the bathroom and make yourself comfortable. The first thing that you ought to do is a plan for a bathroom that will have space, also think about bathroom vanities. This can be done if you compromise with the bathroom area and prefer few adding to it. The choice of a bath tub combine with a shower can be a good idea for the smaller area.

bathroom vanities

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The Bathroom vanities are a new concept that can be adopt when you plan to either create a new bathroom or renovate the old one. The vanities are very useful as you can keep your important belongings and avoid clutter. You can combine the sink and the vanity unit together to create space and store your important toiletries. The cabinets that are mount on the wall can have a mirror that will allow you to create space for your essentials. You have to be very practical when you plan to remodel your bathroom in a modern way.

bathroom vanities

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Types of vanities to know

  • The bathroom vanities that are made of wood are in great demand. It can
    be paint and versatile craftsmanship can be use on it.
  • The most versatile type of vanity is the cabinet style. This can be use along with sinks. The counter-top is a beautiful piece of furniture in the bathroom that is solid and conceal.
  • The contemporary type of vanities is such that they are create with a variety of materials. They are basically found in unique details and designs. It requires all the latest furnishings and fixtures so that you can utilize in an optimum way. This type of vanity is the favorite among many users.
  • The concept of double bathroom vanities is that they contain at least two sinks with one vanity. Here the bathroom is use by several people. They are bigger in size and are found in both antique and contemporary designs.

bathroom vanities

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What are the benefits?

The small space of a bathroom can look bigger with vanities. You will have all the necessary options to store all those items that you need near your hands. There are a variety of vanities in the market so that it won’t be difficult for you to complement your bathroom perfectly. It has numerous benefits such as:

  • The vanity in the Bathroom is a great idea to create a hidden storage for all your important things. You can have the things neatly place inside the vanity and hidden from the view of the guests. The hygiene products can be store in bins or baskets and trays or drawers for smaller items. You can maintain the essentials in a much-organize manner.
  • The bathroom vanities are like any other furniture of the house that gives a fashionable look. It is like a decorative piece of the bathroom if you use beautiful colors for the vanity. There are also different styles of vanities that can be incorporate in your bathroom as per your requirement.
  • The add Advantage with the vanities is that you can keep your bathroom neat and clean and avoid clusters. If the vanity is well design, then it will increase the value of the property considerably.
  • This versatile piece of furniture also reflects your personality. The vanities are not costly. They can be modify with high-quality materials at an affordable rate.


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