Stunning Pictures from 2015 Sony World Photography Awards


The Sony World Photography Awards assembled a portion of the best novice and expert photographs far and wide and displayed them in an epic gathering of the year’s World Best Photos. The wait list during the current year’s opposition is certain to if it’s not too much trouble including a progression of delightful and capable pictures from a scope of various classifications. Amazing picture with the perfect pixelations are on the way done of 2015 Sony World Photography Awards.

1. Reinefjorden. Panorama of Reine (Lofoten) made from three frames

sony world photography awards

@ Wojciech Kruczynski, Poland, Shortlist, Panoramic

2. Ukraine. Kiev. Euromaidan

sony world photography awards

@ Vladyslav Musiienko/UNIAN, Ukraine, Shortlist, Current Affairs, Professional Competitio

3. World photography awards

sony world photography awards

@ Brent Stirton, South Africa, Shortlist, Contemporary Issues, Professional

4. Split Second. A shot of a fly on a water surface

sony world photography awards

@ Uwe Hennig, Germany, Shortlist, Split Second

5. The Reflection

sony world photography awards

@ Sepehr Razmju, Iran, Shortlist, Environment, Youth Competition

6. A black-tip reef shark patrols the edge of a recovering coral reef in search of a meal

sony world photography awards

@ Byron Dilkes, U.K., Shortlist, Trave

7. Photo taken during Artistic Gymnastics Tournament in Poland. Girls that participated were aged 8 to 12

sony world photography awards

@ Adrian Jaszczak, Poland, Shortlist, Arts & Culture

8. An aerial photograph of the Adriatic coastline between Ravenna and Rimini, Italy. Photographed in August 2014

sony world photography awards

@ Bernhard Lang, Germany, Shortlist, Travel, Professional Competition

9. One in a series of images from the life of the photographer’s family

sony world photography awards

@ Ramil Gilvanov/Rimma Gilvanova, Russia, Shortlist, Lifestyle, Professional Competition

10. Black days of Ukraine

sony world photography awards

@ Valery Melnikov/Rossiya Segodnya, Russia, Shortlist, Current Affairs, Professional Competition

11. A fighting cock has a bath given by his caretaker

sony world photography awards

@ Panom Archarit, Thailand, Shortlist, Split Second

12. When I Am Laid In Earth

sony world photography awards

@ Simon Norfolk, U.K., Shortlist, Landscape, Professional Competition

13. Northern Lights

sony world photography awards

@ Clas Kristensen, Norway, Shortlist, Sport, Professional Competition




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