High-Tech Trends that are Changing the Construction Industry


While gravity guns and teleportation are still reserved for shows like Star Trek: Discovery, technological innovations we thought to be impossible just decades ago are now a part of our everyday lives. Technology has evolved tremendously since the invention of the microchip and this evolution is affecting all types of industries.

Construction is no different. A lot of innovations have changed the way things are done in this field, from 3D models of the buildings to virtual tours of the completed project before the first brick was ever laid. While technology is still far from replacing experienced and professional construction experts, it does a lot to improve the safety, efficiency, quality of the project at a reduced cost.

If you plan on being a leader in the construction industry, here are top tech trends to get excited for in 2018!

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is slowly moving away from the gaming industry and into other fields, like construction. Thanks to this technology, construction companies can show investors and clients what the final product will look like in amazing detail. Not only will they be able to see it, they can actually take a walk around the premises. The technology is becoming more available and affordable, so most construction companies can afford this technology nowadays.

Augmented Reality

This technology has a potential for so much more than Pokémon Go. Thanks to augmented reality, workers can walk through the actual construction site and gather or receive information related to the project. For example, workers can place virtual ducts or cables on an unfinished wall to see if installing them there will be feasible.


Construction has never been safer thanks to the use of wearable technology. Some companies are already using wearables to monitor their employees’ vitals, alert them to potential dangers and see if a worker suffered an accident so they can receive immediate help. Companies who implement this technology will definitely have an edge over the competition due to the increasingly strict safety standards.

Risk Projection Software

Risk management separates the good construction companies from the band and the ugly. Thankfully, new technologies such as predictive analysis will help companies manage the risk much more efficiently. This technology can analyze all the data including design plans, suppliers, subcontractors and even the construction site itself. Then, it offers the contractors a detailed quality assurance analysis of which aspects of the project carry the biggest risk.

Construction Site Connectivity

Any delay in the communication between the office, engineering and the construction site can be very costly. Fortunately, connectivity is no longer an issue in most advanced construction companies. Thanks to cloud technology, everyone can have quick and easy access to updated plans, documents and drawings. At the same time, the staff at the office or working in engineering will have a real-time feed of the construction site. This ease of communication can cut some tasks from taking days to days or even minutes.

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