5 Best Ways to Decorate Your Home and office Using Salt Lamps


The health benefits that salt lamps have been acclaimed to have, reached far beyond what we thought a normal lamp would ever be capable of.

They are supposed to clear the air, enhance our mood, increase energy levels and what not!

Though there is not much research on them to prove or credit these claims but we can at least succumb to the fact that there are some benefits.

Other than that, salt lamps are neat decoration pieces as well! According to some people, they fit it with every decoration theme, and other people adore the natural, Earthy feel they bring to the place where they are placed. Either way, salt lamps have found their way into our hearts and our homes and offices.

What do you say? Do you have any idea how to decorate with these lamps? Well, let us walk you right through some simple ideas:

Row of Lights Using a Salt Lamp

Fairy lights are still very trendy. Many of us love a lot of lights lit up in a row.

Now imagine carrying that trend forward with salt lamps? Just place lamps instead of fairy lights in a row on the floor of your living room, inside some glass-door cabinets that line the walls, or any such place you find is well-suited for this idea.

We guarantee you that anyone who visits your home and sees your arrangement will forever revere your creative skills!

Neutralize the Evil Screens

I am assuming you know that salt lamps generate a small number of negative ions? Well, these ions are great for improving your mood and cranking up your energy levels.

On the other hand, TV, phone and computer screens, they all generate positive ions which have the exact opposite effect. So they basically induce lethargy and depression in the user, so that is why you sometimes feel tired after using your phone all day, without any physical exertion.

When negative meets positive, neutral particles are created which have no effect on anyone. So you can simply place your salt lamp next to your TV or computer to neutralize the air and it would also serve as the perfect decoration piece.

Place it on Your Work Desk

When you think of work desk, I assume all kinds of boring things begin hogging your mind. But it really doesn’t have to be that way!

You can place a nice little salt lamp on your work desk to give it some much-needed allure. It will serve an aesthetic purpose and also clean the air around you while boosting up your productivity! (Even if just slightly)

Perhaps on a Bookshelf?

If you have a salt lamp and have no idea where to place it, just place it on a bookshelf! Right next to all the books is perfectly aesthetic and people who enter your home and office will surely notice it!

Make it a Nightlight

Salt lamps are usually not too bright. They emit a soft, warm, orange glow which is perfect for a nightlight. So simply place it on your bedside table and light it up at night.

We promise you it’s going to bring sweet dreams and a peaceful sleep as well.






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