11 Carriage Doors that Will Give Any Home an Old World Charm

A carriage-style garage door has become more popular among those who want their houses to have an older aesthetic look. Known for imitating barn doors that swing outwards, rather than lifting overhead like most garage doors, there are a lot of styles and varieties you can choose from to make your carriage door have the exact type of old-world charm you’re looking for.

#1 — Wrought-Iron Windows

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If you want old-fashioned charm, there’s nothing that pulls it off quite like wrought-iron. If you include windows in your carriage doors, have them guarded by placing ornate patterns made from wrought-iron in front of the glass.

#2 — Barn Door Style

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If you really want to get the same sort of look as a classic barn door, the easiest way to do it is with color. You can paint the main panels that vibrant-red and the trims around it a fresh coat of white to achieve the traditional barn door appearance.

#3 — Rounded Doors

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If you want a unique-style that still looks rustic, have your carriage doors designed with a rounded edge at the top rather than being purely square or rectangular. It really helps the garage look more old-fashioned, from before garages were used for motorized vehicles.

#4 — Wrought-Iron Trim

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Another way to make use of wrought-iron in order for your carriage doors to have more old-world charm is with the trim. You can add wrought iron studs, trim lines, and other decorative elements that make it stand out.

#5 — Dark Wood Finish

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Dark-wood finishes and colors, especially if you use a type of wood that already looks dark, have the benefit of making any wooden feature look even more old-fashioned. You can combine a dark-wood finish to any style or shape for extra effect.

#6 — Arched Windows

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If you want your carriage doors to have windows, consider having them arched instead of square or rectangular. Arched windows are more elegant in appearance and they tend to give your garage door a classical-looking design.

#7 — Cross panels 

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One thing that is common for barn-door styles is having a cross panel design, either with two cross pieces that form an X, or a singular cross piece that slope upwards on either side before meeting in the middle.

#8 — Antique Staining

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Similar to having a dark-wood finish, you can also stain your wooden carriage door in a style that makes it look more antique. Using darker-stains at the edges of the panels and trim can help it look naturally faded and worn, for an aged and antique aesthetic.

#9 — Ornate Hinges

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A lot of carriage doors will have visible hinges on the outside for added aesthetic, but you can have them more ornate with added designs and patterns. You can use wrought-iron for added effect.

#10 — Redwood Finish

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Using wood material for your carriage door that has a natural red finish is a great way to get some of the classic red barn aesthetic combined with a bit of old, antique aesthetic from natural wood finishes.

#11 — Old-Style Handles

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Want some old-fashioned charm even older than classic barns? Add some wrought-iron or metal handles to your carriage door that are reminiscent of castles and other medieval or Victorian architecture.

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