3 Top Benefits Of A Hot Tub Massage


There are three factors that go into a hot tub massage – heat, therapeutic massage gets, and buoyancy. When you combine these three factors you will experience a comforting and relaxing hydromassage. These experiences have been shown to help target many ailments, like easing stress and bringing relief to tense muscles.

While you enjoy your hot tub, you will find your body temperature increase, thus increasing circulation. The other factor, water buoyancy, will also work to reduce your body weight by up to 90%. This helps take the pressure off hurting joints or muscles. Allowing one to feel a sense of weightlessness.

When you own a hot tub, you can have a relaxing massage whenever you please in the comfort of your own home. Below are 3 top benefits you will find from hot tub massages.

Pain Relief

You will find relief when your circulation increases from the warm water. This can help relieve headaches, sore muscles, or even chronic pain. The three factors mentioned earlier, warm water, buoyancy, and therapeutic massage jets, all help provide the perfect hot tub massage experience. Leaving you feeling relaxed muscles and tension free.

Reduced Stress

When you feel your muscles relax and your body resting at ease, you will overall feel like you are in a more relaxed state. As mentioned, the heater water helps improve your circulation, this is because even as you sit, your heart will be working harder. This is why hot tubs have shown to reduce things like high blood pressure, especially arising from conditions like stress or anxiety. If you are really struggling to reduce your stress, try adding some aromatherapy!

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Weight Loss

While taking a soak, you may also experience a bit of weight loss. This is because the hot tub stimulates circulation, increasing your heart rate, and lowering your blood pressure, essentially providing you with a mild form of exercise. This can be especially beneficial for those that suffer from pain in their joints. Often times weight-bearing exercises can be extremely painful on the joints, so adapting them to a hot tub environment can make them much more bearable. It can also allow these individuals the ability to strengthen and stretch muscles while reducing the risk of injury.

How Hot Tub Massage Works

In order to have the perfect hot tub massage, you need three main parts: jets, pumps, and plumbing. When these hot tubs are designed, each part is carefully designed to provide the individual with the perfect therapeutic hydrotherapy massage experience.

  • Pumps

hot tub massage

The pumps of your bathroom‘s hot tub will produce an extremely energy-efficient flow rate, especially when compared to others in the hot tub industry.

  • Plumbing

hot tub massage

Leading brands such as Hydropool hot tub plumbing has also been recognized as achieving the Best Efficiency Point (BEP). This is quite impressive when especially when you consider the 26% advantage in energy efficiency over competitors.

  • Je

hot tub massage

Bathers will find themselves having an incredible experience as they bathe in the jet system, with its high-volume hydrotherapy wellness benefits. You will be overcome with a soothing ness, provided by the well-designed and strategically placed jets.

You will find that a hot tub massage is a perfect solution to emotional or physical stress relief, arthritis, chronic pain treatment, or just relaxing at the end of the day. Take the plunge and give yourself the opportunity to work towards a healthy lifestyle.


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