Why use AC and heaters when you have an option of custom window shades?

We all keep pondering over the electricity bills that hit us hard every month due to access of light decoration. But you think there is no alternative to using these to provide you the desirable temperature. Have you ever thought of how people in the earlier days would have managed with the weather issues? The only way was to use shades over their window panes to retain desirable temperature within the room.

In this 21st century, we are all conscious of eco-friendly products which do not cause harm to the environment as well as us. Why not choose the same for your house with all the new cellular shades from The Blind Guyz. They are energy efficient as well as cost effective with growing demand in the market.

Now if you are wondering about how to select the perfect shade for your room, don’t worry! We are here to help you out with your listing:

  1. Fabric

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Source : 1502fabrics.com

If you are a lover of light colors on your walls, but still want to make your room eye-catchy, there is no better option than the European fabric. Check out their collections online and you’d be spoilt for choices.

  1. Control options

The Blind GuyzSource : 1502fabrics.com

Are you the gadget lover? If so, you need to choose the motorized roller shades which allow you to operate shades from your smart phones. So, if you want to set a trend, go and get it installed now.

  1. Color

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Source : 3.bp.blogspot.com

Whites and off-whites are so boring for the new generation. It looks so dull and has no life to it. What about putting some color to your room by choosing the new range of crisp, modern grays, and blues. They add spark and vibrancy to your life.

  1. Insulation

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Source : greenbuildingadvisor.com

ACs and heaters provide insulation while consuming electricity and your money. What need of using them when the purpose can be solved with the double cell insulation shades? They retain heat inside your room during cold winters and do the vice-versa during hot summers. Moreover they provide you fresh air without harming you with CFCs.

  1. Light Filtering

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Source : ytimg.com

What about enjoying the perfect temperature while cutting out on glare? Yes, the light filtering shades make your home an oasis of light and comfort while providing privacy. The shades also have a sleek, modern look to add a touch of spice to your room.

  1. Solar Roller Shades

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Source : blindsmax.com

Have you ever thought that UV rays are entering even into your rooms and harming your skin? Now you can save yourself from sun damage with this solar roller shades which filter the harmful UV rays and allow only filtered rays to enter your room.

  1. Bold Design

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Source : goichi.me

For lovers of trendy designs and blocks, there is an exclusive collection of bold designs and kaleidoscopic colors to put a unique spin on your decor. There are a wide range of designs and blocks to match your style.

  1. Black out

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Source : blindspotutah.com

Do you want to enjoy romantically lit rooms even in the afternoons? If so, check out the complete range of black out cellular shades which blocks sun rays while filtering air to your room. Enjoy a good afternoon nap with them. It also provides you the desired privacy.

  1. Top down Bottom up

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Source : .blindsshopper.com

Want to control the amount of light and air while enjoying suitable temperature? With this top down and bottom up technique, you can easily control the level on which you want light to enter your room.

  1. Full Rolled Up

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Source : altadyn.com

Yes you can also opt for the full rolled up ones, whenever you feel your room is clogged with moisture and heat to freshen it up with ample amount of air.


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