Going DIY? Here Are 4 Home Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

DIY landscape can be confusing especially when you are getting your hands dirty for the first time. But in case you have decided to take on the home renovation project on your own, it is necessary to equip yourself with the right DIY tips. To ensure that your project goes as planned, you must avoid the common issues faced during such DIY projects.

Here are the most common renovation mistakes and ways to avoid them:

1) Incorrect measurements


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While you are renovating a house the most important factors are measurements. Even a small measurement mistake can become a hurdle and can cause you to restart the project all over again.

There might be the need of an extra purchase if you accidentally buy an appliance that doesn’t fit or the project might stretch way beyond its time window simply because you didn’t purchase the right quantity of materials (like pipes, tiles, asbestos etc) due to inaccurate measurement. In fact, it is sometimes very difficult to find the exact product that you first bought.

The only way to avoid these scenarios is to invest some time in carrying out measurements. Accurately measure all the parts where you are going to start renovation. In case you are going to fit a new appliance, buy it according to the amount of space that is available. It is something that can only be achieved through right measurement of parts.

2) Focusing on aesthetics and overlooking the needs


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One very common renovation mistake occurs, when we don’t set our priorities right. While renovation can be done with the motive of approving the overall appeal of your home, it is a mistake to forget the underlying needs of a renovation.

You must look at your renovation project from  “what it needs” perspective first. Like if you are changing your bathroom tiles, instead of looking for visually appealing products, you must pick something that is durable, resistant to water and also slip-resistant.

Aesthetics are important but if you prioritise them over the actual feature requirements, you might have to plan another renovation very soon. We recommend you to analyse your renovation requirements first and then focus on the aesthetic details so your house doesn’t just look appealing to the eyes but is also well-planned. By doing so, you can build elements that are long-lasting and have more utility.

3) Not hiring contractors for critical changes


Source : mesojournal.com

When going DIY, it is important to remember that Doing-It-Yourself has some limits, especially when you are carrying out a large scale renovation. In such situations, people often tend to commit the mistake of not hiring contractors for important jobs like electrical and plumbing changes.

Attempting these tasks on your own can create problems. It is best to leave these jobs to an expert contractor. Also, it is best to take your time before you finalise one as the wrong contractor can end up worsening your situation, both budget-wise and/or quality wise. Leaving the important stuff to the experts is best option.

4) Underutilisation of available space


Source : greenvirals.com

Renovations are riddled with some common fallacies like “I don’t need more storage space or that I can build more space when I need it.” These arguments are flawed because storage space is something that you will eventually want. And when you do need it, you might have difficulty in finding suitable room for it.

So when you are carrying out the renovation, make sure to keep enough space for storage and utilise the available area wisely.

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