6 Organizational Features In Closet Design – Must Check

Keeping your home, especially the living room and bedroom tidy; would make your life much easy. Having a space, where you may put in every scarf, purse, pair of shoes and all your clothing items separate is indeed a luxury. The closet designs Los Angeles thus points towards 6 organizational features of a closet design, which aid in accommodating everything that you want to put in it.

6 Features Of Closet Design

1) Modular System:

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Majority of closet design’s anchor is an innovative modular system, which fits the homeowner’s individual needs. The different pieces are arranged in such a manner that they fit both the items that needs storage as well as space. Its different pieces include shelving, hanging bars, drawers, racks and bins in different configuration and settings.

2) Centre Island:

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Similar to the kitchens that use centre islands for both workspace and storage, the closet design too has this feature. Now the new design of closet comes with folding and ironing surface above the storage drawers, bins and shelves.

3) Laundry:

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Closets having space for stacking dirty clothes to ease the process of laundry is another new feature these days. Here, a hamper which pulls out or tilts out from wall is a good design. In case one lives in a home that is multi-story with a washing machine as its dryer at different level, then installing a chute of laundry in such a closet to send dirty clothes to laundry room is an ideal solution.

4) Ironing Station:

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The unfolding for usage and then folding of an ironing-board is a pain for most of the people. However, in case you have an ironing station that in a built-in feature in the closet, then ironing would not be such a hassle anymore. Such kind of ironing board usually folds down or slides out from the closet. It eases the entire process of ironing your clothes and lessen the trouble that the conventional ironing boards bring in.

5) Accessory Storing:

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Some lined drawers for the jewellery will help in keeping the precious discreetly stowed-away till you wish to put them on. The possibility to install lock-drawers for additional security will render your peace of mind. Installing belt-rack which can be pulled out for tidy storage and easy access is an option here. A hanging system can keep the purses ready for picking out right away. In the tiny cubbies, the scarves can be tucked away for later use. Shoes and boots can be stored in a specially designed rack.

6) Additional Comfort:

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Not many consider adding seating to their closet design, but adding furniture to closet space is a new trend these days. A seating arrangement for one, would bestow the user to relax a bit after a long day before or after undressing. Adding an additional comfort furniture like a recliner would be the perfect thing to the closet designs.

Irrespective of whether your place has limited space or a large walk-in-area, applying these genius storage ideas would maximise your storage space where you can accommodate all your necessary items.

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