The Pavilion Architectures of 2018: London Serpentine and MPavilion


From around the globe every year there are certain pavilion designs that are selected as the best creation of the year. This years pavilion architecture has been surrounded by many masterpieces and has established a mark in their category. For the year 2018 Architecture Idea talks about Serpentine in london and Melbourne’s MPavilion.


The Serpentine Pavilion 2018

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Frida Escobedo the youngest architect designer of the Serpentine Commission released her in mid june of 2018. Being in the industry for only 18 years she has created a mark by building this architecture. The pavilion is designed in the shape of the courtyard that is enclosed in the Hyde park of London and the walls are roofed with grey concrete tiles.

The London architecture has been created using British materials, especially for building a connected and latticed walls around the pool. The inspiration comes from the Mexican tradition “breeze wall” which is used to reduce the hot temperature. At all the design creates a historical inspiration by way of using materials of light and shadow, reflection and refraction that creates a time chart with the help of sun rays as the day passes.

MPavilion 2018 in Melbourne

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The pavilion found in Queen Victoria’s garden is here in 2018 to give a smooth summer experience to its visitors. With this piece of architecture, Australia brings the Serpentine galleries to their own country. Carme Pinos’ Mpavilion is designed in such a way that it provides shade, shelter and filers with the sun heat.

It has been designed to open and close at the beginning and end of the day respectively, which will look like the blossom of a flower. This architecture is specially designed to create a healthy relationship with nature as well as for social gatherings.

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