3 Best Box Spring Mattress Used With Memory Foam


The memory foam mattress is the most popular mattress which offers many health benefits and comfortable sleep to the user. Setting memory foam on a box spring is excellent and makes it convenient for the users to get in and out of the mattress efficiently and faster.

The box spring supports the mattress by creating a foundation so that the person can sleep evenly without any discomfort. From olden days in a mattress, the box spring is being used as strong support for the mattress. But the traditional decorative floor mattresses were so heavy that it was difficult to move them. But now the box mattress used in the memory foam mattress is so flexible that they can be easily carried and stored. The box springs in the memory are very user-friendly but check the durability of the box spring mattress before buying.

There are so many box springs used in the memory foam mattress here in the article we are going to discuss the best box mattresses for best memory foam mattresses.

  • Mainstays metal box string:

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Source : i5.walmartimages.com

The Mainstays is a half fold metal box spring designed with the high-quality material to offer great comfort for the user. It is made with heavy steel gauge to give a whole structure to the mattress and to provide durability and strength. It is effortless to store the mattress as it can be folded into half and it is very convenient to move the mattress from one place to other as it is known for its excellent mobility feature. The Mainstays box spring mattress very safe to use as the materials used to make this mattress keeps the bed bugs away. It comes with a breathable cover which regulates the airflow within the mattress.

  • Zinus 7 Inch Bo Spring mattress:

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Source : images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com

It is the best choice of box spring for your memory foam mattress it is somewhat similar to traditional box spring mattress, but the materials used in this box spring is different and is very strong compared to them. It is made using a steel structure to offer durability and also comes with all types of tools which you need to fix and maintain the box spring mattress. It is available at an affordable price with high security and strength.

  • Classic brand instant foundation box spring:

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The Classic brand instant foundation box spring with a low profile is a very user-friendly one supporting almost all types of mattress. It also consists of all the useful tools to fit the box spring to the mattress very quickly. It is durable box spring which can be used very well for an extended time without the need of any replacement in this way it is a great saving for the user to buy this box spring for your memory foam mattress. The user can feel very comfortable to get on it since it comes with an easily reached height.

Hence hope you now understand about what is the best box spring to use with a memory foam mattress by reading the details as mentioned above. Buy the best box spring for your mattress now itself in online or market and enjoy its benefits.

The Process of Preparing Memory Foam:

1) Chemicals like isocyanates and polyols along with water is mixed with an agent

2) The above mixing makes them react in a certain way to create a foam by giving them an open cell structure

3) These are continuously sprayed onto a conveyor belt or poured into small moulds and are allowed to dry

4) Once they are dried, you will get the final product of Memory Foam

The foam softness is measured by its density range. Memory foam density usually ranges from 1 lbs to 7 lbs. However, high-quality foam generally consists either 4 lbs or 5 lbs density.
Along with softness, even foam lifespan and firmness were determined by density and the resilience of foam. A foam having less density can be more sustainable to the pressure. Whereas foam with higher density easily moulds up to contours when warmed by body heat.

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