30+ Excruciating Designs For A Small Residential House


Buying a small house doesn’t necessarily have a connection with the budget and some people love to explore and stay in the small house as is might be apt for a small family and good enough to give a closeness among the family members. There are some famous house designs in Philippines making your selection list a little bigger. They are constructed in form of tenement or bunglow with the minimal use of space.

The small house designs in Philippines are one of the best architectures that can become your house adaptation along with being cost effective. The designs occupy a small yard where you can enjoy your evening tea along with a garage to park your car safely. The exterior of the house is kept compact and while the size of the room is kept small the design doesn’t clutter-up.

In order to choose the right design for your residential house, browse over a list of small house designs displayed exclusively by architecture ideas.


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