Know The Importance Of Conducting Roof Inspection


You like having a roof over your head, right? We often use this idiom when we refer to our homes. However, how often do you think about the actual roof over your head? How stable is it? How durable? How old?

The Inspectors Company experts tell us something more about this specific type of inspection, as well as why they feel like it should be much more prominent in people’s minds when thinking about their homes and maintenance.

Why Roof Inspection

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Roofs are important as they keep the elements at bay. They get whipped by rain and snow, as well as scorched by the sun and constantly pulled by the winds.

That’s why they are built to be so durable and strong. However, nothing lasts forever and cannot perform at its best without some kind of maintenance, which is why inspections are crucial; they can pinpoint troublesome areas or even outright problems like air leaks which you need to focus on.

Independent Inspection or a Part of Larger Operation

roof inspection

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When buying a property, chances are that one of the conditions to be given the loan by the bank will be to have the property inspected by a professional. The bank needs to know that they are investing their money in a safe and sound property, and so should you.

That’s why there are specialized inspections which deal with the state of the house as a whole. You can learn more about them here

However, these inspections need to cover a lot of ground relatively quickly, so they won’t be as in-depth as you might want them to. That’s why it can be a very useful thing to schedule a dedicated roof inspection which will only deal with your roof and its current state.

What Is Inspected During a Roof Checkup?

If you have opted to have this inspection done, here are some of the things your inspector will pay attention to, as well as the most common issues with these parts of your roof.


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If you are not a technical person, chances are that you haven’t even heard of the flashings, let alone know how they might affect the state of your roof.

The flashings are those (typically) metal surfaces around your chimney, roof edges and other places where the roof meets a different part of the house. They are meant to protect the inside part of your roof from leaking.

However, if they are damaged or missing, it’s possible that water has been seeping into your home and attic, causing silent but possibly major damage.

Damaged Shingles

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The majority of your roof is covered in shingles. No matter what material they are made of, they have their expiration date, so to speak and will need to be replaced at some point.

A roof inspection can tell you the overall state of your roof’s shingles, as well as pinpoint any which are damaged in any way.

The Gutters

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The inspector’s job is not only to investigate the roof itself but also the adjoining gutters as well. It’s no use that your roof is in perfect condition if the gutters aren’t doing their job of diverting the water away from your house.

The inspector can indicate if there is any physical damage to the gutters, like rust or cracks, as well as any potential blockages which may end up causing problems in the future.

There are some other parts of the roof inspection, but these three things are key to ensuring that your roof is functional and that your house is safe and snug under it.

If you suspect that your roof is due for an update, or just want to be sure that you are safe, consult professional inspectors to take a look.

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