Mistakes To Avoid When Doing Interior Design

Redesigning a room in your home can be exciting and challenging all at the same time. Maybe you bought the home used and never got the change to renovate it the way you wanted. Now, you have the extra funds and time to undertake the project. This is truly exciting, as you can now design and style the room in any manner you choose. That being said, you should know that everyone is prone to making mistakes and it is possible that you might make some along the way as well, which can we costly. So, what are some of the most common mistakes that individuals make when redesigning the homes or a certain room?

Jump Right Into Painting

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It probably makes the most sense to start painting the walls of the room before you order new furniture. After all, it is much easier to paint an empty room and you don’t want to get paint on your new furniture. Well, this can be a major mistake. Once you have a color for the walls and the walls are painted, what happens if you fall in love with furniture that just doesn’t mesh? Are you going to repaint the walls in a different color or miss out on the furniture that you love? Repainting would be a timely and costly mistake while missing out on what you want, might force you to end up with something that you never wanted in the first place.

Avoid The One-Stop Shopping

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Most people always feel like they need a certain theme when they are thinking about home decorating ideas. Maybe they want to go after a sports theme or a modern feel. Well, this can also be a mistake, as rooms with not contrast usually come off as plain and boring. There is absolutely nothing wrong with mixing styles. Most people just go to the furniture to buy their living room suit, go to the hardware store get their paint, and get their art all in one day. This is called one-stop shopping and it is something to should avoid. Michelangelo Designs offers top quality Italian furniture and thanks to their convenient website, you can easily and quickly shop online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Browse through their wide styles and large selection and never feel like you need to be rushed to purchase everything in one day.

Varying Furniture Heights

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The biggest mistake that people make when redesigning a room is that they try to keep everything too simple. Sure, simple is nice and easy, but it lacks flair, zing, and pop. Instead of keeping all your furniture the same height try purchasing pieces that vary in height. Even elevating it in different manners throughout the room can go a long way to adding some uniqueness.

Place Art Correctly

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Who doesn’t want to place art in their home to show off their style and personality? However, you must always ensure that you are placing it in the right spot. Most people either go too high or too low. Art should be placed directed in line with your furniture. If you are using the varying furniture method as described above, you want to go about ten inches higher than the nearest piece of furniture that you are placing it next to.

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