How to Clean Shower Head Holes?


Is your shower head clogged and working inappropriately? The most annoying moment is when you stand beneath the shower but it doesn’t disperse water.  Generally, your shower head is more prone to succumb due to excessive mineral deposits inside the pores of the same. Though cleaning your shower head isn’t a hard nut to crack, it might require an overnight soaking to function properly. so are you looking out for tricks on how to clean shower head holes with ease? You’ve come to the right place. Here are some major tips for maintaining your shower head by taking out all the unnecessary stuff stuck there. Read on

Step by Step Guide on how to clean shower head holes

clean shower head


Prior to searching the treatment, ascertain why your shower head is clogged? As discussed earlier, the mineral deposit comprising particulate matter and hardened lime that gets assembled in the pores of your showerhead is the major reason for disrupting water flow. No need to worry now as following the below-mentioned steps you can simply clean shower head

Method 1: soak in vinegar

clean shower head


  1. Disassemble your shower head to clean all the parts thoroughly: Unscrew the nut that mounts your showerhead to the wall. Note that disassembling the parts of your shower head might be an effortless job, however, you would require a wrench to get it off the pipe.
  2. Sink the entire shower head parts into a bucket filled with water along with white vinegar and a lime cleaning solution. If you observe a huge rise in the lime solution, warm up the vinegar in the oven unless it becomes hot to touch. It is worth noting that this cleaning procedure would take at least 6-7 hours to eliminate the mineral deposits from your shower head, hence it is highly advisable to repair your shower head overnight (as you won’t require a shower during the night). Check the solution in the morning. All the lime should be dissolved though you may spot the residual in the screen’s mesh, entrenched in the threads, plus, in the small pores near to the disk.
  3. Even after overnight soaking, if you come to know that some parts of your shower head still require attention, scour intractable matter with a tiny wire brush. Alternatively, you can use the straightened edge of a paper clip to remove the stubborn deposit. Soak all the parts again and ultimately rinse them off.
  4. Rinse off the entire parts of your showerhead with warm water. make sure that all the solutions should be washed properly so that there isn’t any residual leftover the same.

Method 2 – boil in vinegar

clean shower head


  1. Take out the shower head from the wall by unscrewing your shower head’s nuts. Note the process of disassembling your showerhead parts so that you may easily reassemble it after treating the same.
  2. Fill up half of a large bowl with water and the remaining half with vinegar. You might also need to add up more vinegar to the solution in case of treating the shower head parts that are filled with obdurate matter.
  3. Immerse all the disassembled parts of your shower head in the bowl and make sure that the parts especially stacked with mineral deposits get appropriately sink in the solution.
  4. Boil the solution for at least 15-20 minutes. For an obdurate deposit, the shower head should be boiled for more than 30 minutes, however, considering the plastic elements, it is recommended to add up a high amount of vinegar and boil the parts for no more than 20-25 minutes.
  5. Take out the shower head parts from the bowl and rinse them properly with warm water to remove all the residuals of vinegar. Reassemble the part and mount it to your wall.
  6. Repeat this treatment every once a month to preserve your shower heads from unwanted dirt and filth.


Following the soaking and boiling treatment, you can also easily clean your outdoor shower heads removing all the unnecessary matter deposits in the same. Though cleaning your shower head is quite easy, it is advisable to get the assistance of a professional to unscrew the showerhead.

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