Tips For Effective Outdoor Security Lighting


Most people think that they can just turn on a few outside lights and that is all you need to protect your home. If only it were that simple. It takes a lot more than just flipping a light switch to set up the perfect security lighting.

You want the ideal lighting for capturing images of intruders. If an intruder is wandering around your home, you don’t want a blurry image or an image that is washed out due to bad lighting.

The whole idea is to get a quality image so that the bad guy can be identified. So don’t cut corners. Proper security lighting will also deter burglars, making them think twice and move on to another home. 

We are going to offer some tips for getting the most out of your security lighting so that you can keep your family safe.

Proper Coverage
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You want to position your lighting so that everything is covered. You don’t want any blind spots on your property where thieves could lurk in the shadows. You could opt for one or two very bright lights, but using several less-powerful lights is better. This setup may not be as bright, but it provides better coverage. You could also throw some motion lights into the mix.

Every Side Of Your Home Should Be Secured
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You would be surprised at how many homeowners secure only the front of their house. We tend to forget about the backyard. Start by focusing on the front door and pathways, then work your way around your home and make sure that all sides are well lit. Even if you have nothing at all on one side of your home, get it lit. This is going to deter criminals, but as an added bonus, it will also help you to see outdoor patio lighting at night.Place Your Lighting High

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Ideally, your lights should be installed at least 9-10 feet high so that burglars can’t just reach up and smash them. The high placement also helps them to illuminate more of your yard. If you position them lower, they won’t light up much of an area at all.

If you install them too high, you’ll need brighter lights to illuminate the ground properly. So place them at the ideal height and make sure that they are angled down so that you aren’t disturbing neighbors with any extra light pollution.

Use Motion Lights For Other Areas
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If you have areas away from your home like sheds or other outside buildings you can use the same strategy, or you might prefer motion lights since there is some distance between these buildings and your home. Motion lights will light up whenever motion is detected so if a burglar wants to case that area, he will be exposed. Use a motion light and camera combination so you can see on your phone whenever they go off.

Secure Your Wires
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If using wired security lights, make sure that you hide those wires so that they can’t be accessed or cut by a criminal. We advise that you use wireless or solar powered lights for this reason. If a thief can just cut the wires and leave you defenseless, what is the point?

Proper Care And Maintenance

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If you don’t have a regular maintenance plan, your lights may fail you when you need them most. Avoid unnecessary problems by caring for your lights on a regular basis. Replace bulbs when they burn out. Don’t wait, because you’ll forget. Also clean the lights regularly, as they will collect dirt and debris.

These tips should help you to have optimal security lighting, which will in turn help to keep your family and your home safe. Proper lighting is just one key factor when it comes to home security, but it’s a big one.

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