5 Excellent Gift Ideas for Gardening Enthusiasts


For many people out there, choosing the perfect gift for a gardening or DIY enthusiast is quite a dilemma. This is because there are dozens of gift ideas of decorating the garden, but you are not sure whether they will be beneficial to you DIY husband, brother or loved one.

Today, we want to help you select the best gardening gifts that will put a smile on any DIY and gardening nerd regardless of the projects they are handling. So, without further ado, here are our top picks for the best gardening gifts to buy in 2018.

  1. Wheelbarrow / Gardening cart

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When doing your projects around the house, you will be required to move with your tools around. Also, there will be the need of moving materials from one place to the other. For gardeners, I think there’s no need to emphasize the importance of these carriers when carrying out your gardening projects.

But the biggest dilemma will be choosing between a garden cart and a wheelbarrow. In case you are stuck, here’s what you need to know. Garden carts have four wheels whereas wheelbarrows have one wheel and two handles. The former is very expensive but best for gardening. The latter is cheaper and more versatile.

Regardless of the type, you will choose, it will indeed be resourceful in gardening as well as assisting in other projects including building and construction. If he is the type that comes with stuff in his arms, with other falling off, then he clearly needs a wheelbarrow!

  1. Extension Ladders

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There are a lot of gardening projects that require ladders. But then, the best ladder for home use should be very versatile, and that’s why we recommend extension ladders. These are basically two ladders with one being able to overlap on the other thus extending to greater heights. But why should you invest in a ladder?

Well, the truth of the matter is that a ladder is one of the home tools that are often used. There are so many projects that will require a ladder. For example, when you want to repair the gutter, an extension ladder comes in handy. This is also the case when you want to prune some branches from trees around your house. The list of gardening projects that require extension ladders is endless.

Even though an extension ladder may look like an expensive gift, it isn’t considering the safety it guarantees compared to just climbing anything to get up there. But still, you need to observe safety when using the ladder.

  1. Gardening gear

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Regardless of the scope, gardeners should make sure they have put on the right gardening gear. If you want to gift a gardener, buy them the right equipment. This may be gloves, aprons, safety boots and so on

You want to have the right gardening gear to protect yourself from the dangers that lurk in the garden. Gloves are my favorite because they are cheap and their essence is invaluable. First, it’s apparent that it protects you from dirt and germs that are common in gardens. Besides, it offers excellent comfort and prevents blisters, a common problem for handymen as well as gardeners. You might also want to consider safety boots, aprons, overalls and even goggles among many other safety gears.

For a wife, the benefits of gardening gear go beyond the safety. You don’t want your husband or son going out in the garden with regular clothing. It becomes a menace washing a pair of jeans that has taken some gardening abuse.

  1. Gardening tool set

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One of the best gifts you could ever give a gardener is a gardening tool set. As the name suggests, this is a set of the common gardening tools. Some of the primary tools you will find in a gardening set include trowels, transplanters, cultivators and so on. The advantage of buying gardening tool sets is that the price is fair compared to purchasing each tool separately. Another thing, gardening tool sets come with an easy storage solution to help your husband or son keep all their tools in one place.

But there are those medium to large tools that you won’t find in any gardening set. Tools like rakes, hoes, spades, saws, strippers among others, can also be an excellent choice in case they already have a gardening tool set.

  1. Watering kits

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There is nothing that complements a gardener like a watering kit. It comes in handy during summer as well as when growing flowers that need constant watering.

When it comes to watering kits, the advantage is that there is a wide range of options to choose from. We have simple watering cans to automatic irrigation kits. The automatic packages are the best because of the productivity of automatic operation, but then, they are quite expensive. If you don’t want to go that way, then a watering can just be enough.

Wrapping up

There you have it folks, 5 excellent gardening gift ideas. While there are some really cheap options, you can also opt for the expensive options which in fact offer more. The choice is yours; whether you want something for a professional gardener or a starter, there’s something for everyone!

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