Can You Install Replacement Windows in The Winter?


It is too common of an idea that one cannot replace their windows during the winter months. Does the cold do something to the glass? Will they not settle with the house just right? Or does our contractor just hate the cold? Turns out it is all an urban legend. You can just as easily do window glass replacement in the winter as in the summer. Now, this may vary depending on location and extreme weather should always be taken into account, but in general, it is not an issue.


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While some strongly believe this urban myth, there are actually a couple of reasons why it may be to your benefit to have your windows replaced during those cold months.

Fewer Scheduling Conflicts: If you were to schedule your windows replacement during the winter, you would find most contractors have plenty of availability. This is because they are busier between the Spring and Fall season.

Quick: If you were to have your windows replaced during those cold winter months, you are more likely to see a quick return, as opposed to the summer months. This is because you will find your windows keeping in more heat. Which means less turning on the heater and lower energy bills.

Cold weather is no reason to delay replacing your windows. If anything, winter time is the perfect time to replace your windows. You will have them installed as quickly as you will begin seeing the results.

When Should You Replace?

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Worried you are constantly running the heater because of your windows? Wanting to increase your curb appeal? No matter the reason, you can always find a few benefits to replacing your windows. Here are just a couple reasons why many of our customers have decided to replace:

  • Resident have noticed condensation forming between window panes
  • Noises outside have appeared to grow louder over time
  • Residents notice drafts or feel air coming in near the windows
  • Water seeps through parts of the window when it rains
  • Residents struggle to open or close windows

The idea that replacing your windows can make your home more enjoyable and green is frequently overlooked. However, by scheduling your appointment today you can quickly find yourself on the road to a warmer and more efficient home.

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