Tile Flooring Over Hardwood And Carpet Flooring


Apart from the bathroom and kitchen, the next thing a home dweller really worries about as he plans for a home improvement is the home’s flooring. Cork flooring, bamboo flooring, etc have been in fashion after the cement flooring but now tiles flooring have made its place in people’s home. Due to the easy availability and durability tiles have become people’s top choice in flooring. The unique benefit the tile flooring has been offering has been the reason why t has crossed the demands of the prominence of carpet or hardwood flooring. Due to the easy process of installation, lower repair cost, long durability, and unique design pattern the tile floors have been ruling over hardwood or carpet flooring.

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Tile floorings are good for bathroom floors, outdoor floors, and kitchen floors and in open spaces for halls and in some cases where you are looking to install an index hot tub. This is due to the strength it carries which can withstand daily wear and tear caused to it. Especially in high trafficking rooms, the chances of wear and tear of the floors are more. Tile flooring comes to the rescue for such spaces as the entrance to the main building of the campus. Special outdoor tiles are installed to protect the floors as vehicles enter through such spaces. A lot of labor is involved in installing tiles on the floors but has comparatively simple procedures than others.

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Due to the continuous rise in the cost of installation and repair of hardwood flooring, tile flooring has been able to make its space. Both the material cost and labor cost is much higher on hardwood floors. The cost is higher as you go for substantially on the type of wood you choose to use in your flooring.  Installing the Solid planks is a much harder job than the tongued and grooved engineered woods. Talking about Carpeting, of course, it adds a snug and cozy feeling to your home but is very high on cost. Even maintenance of such floor involves huge expenses. Another disadvantage of both carpet flooring and hardwood flooring is it cannot be installed in open spaces. So for open spaces, you again have to go for outdoor tiles with their particular installation procedure. This could be a little more expensive than what you might have determined in your budget.

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 When we install floorings in our homes, obviously we think of lifetime durability. This includes the cost of maintenance and repairs of the floor as well.  The cost of repairing tile flooring is way lower than carpet flooring and hardwood flooring. Even the cost of regular maintenance is higher in carpet or hardwood flooring as they require chemicals in particular. It no doubt affects the overall budget of flooring.

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Going Wise with Tile Floorings

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Irrespective of whichever flooring ideas you choose for your home, it requires regular cleaning and maintenance to avoid any type of wear and tear. Also, the shine and gloss of the floor are maintained.  Most homeowners with any type of floor prefer cleaning their floors by themselves. Usually, no professional help is taken for residential floor clean-up. But actually certain floors require special cleaning techniques as well as equipment to maintain the perfect gloss and shine. Also cleaning the home floor by you leaves unrevealed damages caused to the floors which could be potentially dangerous. Tough stains and marks on floors can sometimes be stubborn and require special skills to remove. Thus before installing any flooring, the future maintenance cost should be kept under consideration.

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