Smart Ideas To Decorate Your Walls With Very Little Money!


There are so many options to transform and change the walls of your house, but there may be some limitations that stop you from doing so effectively and on low budget.

For example, wall painting ideas or adding wall paper may not be allowed by the owner of the house or may not be in your immediate financial plans. In these cases, if you want to decorate the walls in a special way that will make them interesting you can do it in certain places and in a way that does not leave marks later on.

Paint part of the wall

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With color paint that you already have available or by buying one Kg of paint from a paint shop, you can give a colorful touch to all the areas of the house without having to paint the whole wall.

Choose a bright color if the coloring of the rest of the house is in light shades and only dye the inside of the frame or the blickmold in each room opening (door or window). Do it only if the door frame can be dyed. Cost of this change is between 0-10 euros.

With very few brush strokes you can change the look of your whole room.

Put a Blackboard on the wall

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A very beautiful and at the same time impressive way to transform a wall is to make the above DIY construction.

Take an mdf wood (from a carpentry) in the dimensions of your choice (depends on how big your wall is) and paint it with blackboard paint.

Beyond that, buy slats (also from carpentry) to create the squares of the photo. If you want to create squares for 4 weeks so you have a big notebook on your living room, then you have to create 28 squares. Finally you can also get seven smaller mdf woods from the carpentry and write on them every day of the week. The result is impressive.

A blackboard is never unnecessary.

Adhesive Wallpaper

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There are special adhesives for posters that leave no marks on the wall, which will help you stick large surfaces of upholstery pieces that may have gone off or even some cloth.

Cut 3-4 pieces into the same dimension and stick them leaving 10 cm distance between them. Stick around the perimeter so that they look like a frame. If your wall is light, choose a wallpaper with color to give it a spark. Cost of this is around 0-10 euros.

You can do wonders with upholstery pieces that have gone beyond previous work.

Put maps on your wall

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Decorating with maps is the number one trend! You can decorate any place in the house by putting maps, which are in the form of wallpaper, sticker or even cloth.

A more cost-effective solution is to clothe a wall by making collages of maps that will illustrate different places you’ve visited from time to time. An ideal way to stick them is adhesive tapes that are especially made for posters.

You will make use of all the maps you were buying in every place you went to while reminding you of beautiful moments. Cost of this is from 0-50 euros.

Dishes on the Wall

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An original and impressive idea is to put dishes on your wall. Choose the ones that have something to say, and not the simple ones.

There are many dishes that we don’t want to use for our daily food as they are embossed, colored and special in character so they remain in the closet. Place them in a corner by playing with the different designs and colors of the dishes, hanging them neatly. A good solution is to put them over a chest of drawers or on the wall in the dining area.

The color harmony of the furniture and the dishes will create the perfect result.

Knitting Material

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Those of you who have knitting as a hobby, a habit you have taken from your grandmother, you’ve noticed that you often have plenty of knitting threads that you have no use for.

So the knitting threads you have left, use them to decorate a wall. It will give an awesome color and it will look like a work of art. Use plain plastic hooks with double-sided tape and hang them. Do not care about size and shape.

As a set it will be very original and abstract. That is what it takes to get an amazed look from your guests. If you have patterns with similar colors, place it next to each other so that the final result is clearer to the eye. Cost of this is from 0-5 euros.

Put your books on the wall

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It’s an original decorative idea that will give you a more sophisticated touch. Decorating with old books, those with a thick cover, will help a wall that is not freshly transformed  become vintage.

If your decoration contains classic furniture the space will be amazing and will have a more contemporary note. Very easily fold the pages of each book one by one in the same way for each book. Depending on the fold you choose, a different three-dimensional pattern will also be created. Hang them easily with the scratch clips designed to hang the frames and remove them without marking the wall. If you still want a strong color effect you can do the same with magazines.

A little more special proposal for your wall.

Photos on the wall

wall decorating ideas

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If you want to have that student complexion that you so much love in your home, you can only decorate a wall with photos. The process is simple and the result is beautiful. After you print the photos you want, make a hole at the top to pass the wire you will hang them on. You can use as many photos as you want from a piece of wire. After making as many rows as you like, tie them off on a rough, irregular wood.

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