How To Transform Your Kitchen Into A Classic One


Achieving an elegantly rustic look in your kitchen requires the use of the right combination of materials, perfectly chosen designs, and a team of specialists to bring ideas to life. The French kitchens of yesteryears are classics and the stuff of coffee table books. Getting the same detailing in your kitchen is possible but needs to be carefully executed. If you are planning to get this antiquated and elegant provincial look to your kitchens, here are kitchen design ideas on what needs to be the elements in the makeover.

Cabinetry That Is Carved For An Exquisite Finish

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The cabinetry in French provincial kitchens needs to be carved and given an exquisite finish. Details need to be ornate, with carvings and corbels aplenty. The best way to get this is to rely on solid wood and finish the same with skilled handpainting. The finish that can be achieved by hand with workmanship is hard to replicate by machines. While machines have the unmatched advantage of giving a uniform finish, it is the handmade finishes that appeal more to the eye, mainly because of the skill involved in the fine art of carving and hand painting.

Flooring And Benches

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The flooring of such kitchens are typically in stone, and the countertops are ideally matched with similar stone. This gives a fabulous look to the place. Choose a stone that will not be slippery, while being easy to clean. The stone needs to offer a quaint and classic look. Not too bright, with an imperfect finish for the rustic look. The whole idea of transforming kitchens into the elegant past is to give them a look that is perfectly imperfect. The materials used need to give an old world look and feel. Similarly, you need to choose the right kind of designs and materials for the benches. Do not look at contemporary designs.

Taps And Chimneys

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The taps in the kitchen need to give the kitchen the old world appeal. This can only be achieved if you choose taps that are ornate and old-fashioned. Choose a specialist kitchen makeover agency for picking the right designs in taps. Similarly, kitchens are incomplete without chimneys. To give your kitchen the old and rustic look, choose a chimney that has the look and finish of an actual old French kitchen. The tiles that are on the wall near the chimney should not appear perfect. Ideally, you need hand-cut tiles that are not very regular, and the fixing needs to be achieved in a manner that appears imperfect.

You need to get the kitchen to capture the same quality that is available in the picture postcards of a bygone era. The paintings and images that are portrayed in books and media of the period need to be brought alive in your kitchen. Choose a good agency for choosing the right kind of material and manpower for carrying out this makeover. This is a specialist job, and it is therefore important to choose an agency that has the specialist skills to execute the makeover.

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