The Top DIY Injuries And How To Prevent Them

With the summer season behind us in the UK and the garden furniture in storage for another year, many property owners turn their attention to interior home improvements. Nevertheless, there’s still a growing number of visits to A & E from people with DIY related injuries. And whilst we can’t address them all, the following infographic from the team at Westfarm Windows, shows some of the most popular DIY injuries and advice on how to avoid them.

DIY injuries are frequent among your typical home owners and while some are inevitable, there are lots of safety measures you can take to minimise the risk of injury. Did you know that booze plays it part in as much as 30% of DIY injuries? So with that knowledge in mind, be sure to save the well deserved beer until the job is complete.

Many injuries can be avoided with the right planning and safety measures, like wearing safety eyewear, securing ladders in place and wearing the appropriate clothing. As the infographic below shows, DIY accidents are common and there’s some handy pointers to help you avoid them.

infographic injuries


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