Back To Ancient Classroom Designs With New Modifications


Outdoor classrooms are always fun where you can learn thing while being close to nature at the same time. It provides all the students as well as teachers to be outside under fresh air and natural light so that they could feel fresh while doing their own work. It is said that people tend to learn more if they would learn under fresh air. In this way they would also be able to notice small things happening in nature like the falling of leaves, chirping of birds or you may also observe how a squirrel collets food and so many more things are there. The idea learning outdoor is not new it’s there from ancient times as earlier there were no such classrooms so people used to set up class outdoors under a big tree. Here are few outdoor classroom designs to choose for your own classroom setup outdoors. You can set a classroom set up in between a park where you need to set some chair and table sets for students to e there and learn things, a blackboard and a seat and table for teacher as well.

This can be said as the most beautiful classroom attire ever where you would get the chance of being in such beautiful place surrounded by greenery and flowers. Don’t forget to attach a shed in order to avoid sunrays and in case of rain also it would save everyone from getting wet. The whole process of learning would be in natural sunlight and wind so in this way you can save some electricity as well by utilizing the natural sources. There are many things that you cannot actually learn while being in a classroom that is quite far from nature. Things like plating, process photosynthesis and many more things are there that can only be learnt while being outside in the nature. Honestly these outdoor classrooms are not only good for kids but even grownup student would learn a lot from this outdoor classrooms.

You can even set up many practical projects outdoors so that they can have practical knowledge about things and they don’t have to do a lot for remembering things as practical things are easy to remember. Apart from practical learning there are many sports to learn and that is only possible outdoors so setting up a playschool outdoors is never a bad idea as well. You can bring things together like balls, bats, ropes, and many more playing options. You can definitely apply these ideas to make your ideal outdoor classroom so that you can provide perfect learning for students and kids as well and they are not at all expensive and with small changes you can make it by your own.


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