Do You Need A Grill For Your Garden?


In America more than 82% of homes have grills and most are used through the entire year. Regardless if it is a holiday, birthday or for no apparent reason at all whatsoever, families and friends huddle around the grill. Whether it be a one on one or a big gathering, with items such as poultry, beef, pork and vegetables, the grill has became a popular asset to Americans nationwide. But there are disadvantages as well as advantages to grilling. Knowing all the pros and cons of owning a grill will allow you to decide if you really need to buy a grill for your garden. There are tons of options out there, starting from budget grills to high-end very expensive grills such as the Traeger Pro Series 22 and knowing if you need one can save you money in the end.

One of the major advantages of grilling is the time it takes to cook the food. A significant decrease of preparation and cooking time is very appealing to most. Take into consideration the time it takes to frying and baking foods and you can see the time when grilling is quite less. This makes grilling much easier for some and it gives you a chance to get out of the kitchen and relax outside a bit. Not to mention the scents of grilling seems to draw people in to enjoy the sounds, sights and tastes from the grilling experience.

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Food prepared on grills are much lower in calories and fats than if you were to fry them. Fried foods can cause many risks to your health such as heart disease, obesity, stroke and high blood pressure. Even if the food is low in fat, once you fry them they become higher in fats and calories which make them unhealthy. Foods prepared on grills are healthier because they are not saturated in fats and fats within the foods are cooked off during the grilling process. This makes even healthy foods healthier for you and your family.

Even though there are tons of grilling recipes which are all about bbq sauce, burgers or any other un-healthy food, actually foods prepared on grills are healthier due to extreme heat of grills which effects the proteins within meats. This is heterocyclic amines and is a big cancer risk factor. Try microwaving your meat products quickly before placing them on the grill to significantly reduce the risk. Keep in mind if that frying produces what are known as glycation prodcut, that can be dangerous and cause conditions such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes and heart disease.

The dangerous of grilling should also be took into consideration. Accidents can happen even when you are a very skilled and experienced grill master. Many accidents occur yearly that result in damages, injuries and even death. So, please when grilling at anytime, take the proper safety precautions like having a fire extinguisher nearby, wear tighter clothing as a precaution and always monitor your grilling area.

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Gas grills, although very convenient, run off of propane cylinders which are liquid gas. These should only be used if your are familiar with using the propane cylinders and the safety regulations regarding them. A couple of the benefits to gas grilling is you don’t have to worry about matches and charcoal, the heat is adjustable and the fire is ignitable. The propane tanks are also refillable which is a big bonus. Once you are done preparing your foods you simply turn the switch to off and do a quick brush of your grate and you’re done. Down side is that gas grills don’t give your food much of that signature grilled taste.

Even though charcoal grills do not have the same convenience as the gas grills do, they offer something in a class all their own. Smoked flavoring. The heat from the charcoal produces meats with the famous smoked flavoring, caramel color and crusty coating. I’m sure that these are all traits and grill lover knows to be true!

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Charcoal grilling does take more time than other methods of grilling, such as gas. You have to build the fire from coals or wood, light the fire and let it simmer until the coals are ready. But the constant attention you have to give while your foods are on the grill can be a bit much for some people. Don’t forget about maintaining the flames of the fire also. Try leaving some open space on the grate when grilling to help with the flames/fire. This will give a better control when cooking foods as you can cook over the high heat area first then move the foods to the cooler part to finish cooking.

So, in conclusion, I, personally prefer a grill outside in the garden area for gatherings and celebrations because it is the open space for entertainment. The benefits for your health food wise is a great incentive for anyone looking to stay fit. Whether it be gas or charcoal, grilling is a tradition in America and will remain so for many generations to come. So, grab yourself a grill, some friends and family. Throw some sides together and cook up a masterpiece steak and enjoy yourself in the American way.

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