Renovate Your House’s Under Stair Area for Better Utilization

Having a house is one of the best feeling ever, no matter how big or small your home is it is still a dream house for you and to beautify the house is to beautify your dream that has happened in reality. Most of the houses in present days are double storied as single floor is not enough for the whole family so instead people build first floor and even second floor depending upon their requirements. So stairs are quite common in every house and the place just under the stairs is called under stairs which is the most ignored area of the home do you know that you can decorate this place as well as get compliments for this as well. Having a good as well as beautiful home is not just enough because you never know people may judge you on small thing like a under stair so it is always better you beautify the place and utilize the place. Here are under stairs ideas that you can check out and get for your home. Study space: under stair areas are generally quite small so your whole idea needs to be small enough that it would fit in there.

Utilizing the wall is always a good idea so all you can do is that you can set wall shelve where you can hang all your study material as well as your books. It would be less space consuming and would look absolutely stunning at the same time. You can put a drawer just below the set of shelves which you can use for keeping important things that you or your kids generally need while studying. Make sure to have the drawer set of a standard height so that you can use the top of the drawer as your study table.

Decorate the area by placing show pieces as well as flower vase on the top of the drawer and just have a chair to complete the entire look. Always try match the color of the wall as well as floor with that of the under stair area. Small office: want your own personal office in the home but can’t get due to space issues? Then worry not you can utilize this under stair space as your own customized office. It won’t be much different from that of the study space all you need to do is just replace the books and study materials with that of office documents as well as essentials. Adding a laptop or desktop out there at the top of the drawer would complete the entire look and you would get you own mini office. To beautify it you can always hang a beautiful picture just beside the shelves and having a lamp beside would definitely help you a lot. Small personalized liquor counter: having a personal alcohol counter at home is still a dream for many men as well as women but no one actually make out that much of space to have a separate room for it.

Your under stair area can be the perfect space for your liquor counter all you need to do is have a standard sized glass wall case to display your alcohol collection and a drawer to keep the essentials such as glasses, bottle opener etc and on the top of the drawer you can enjoy your drinks and in case your elders arrive you can perfectly hide it with a piece of cloth and trust me no one would ever come to know about this secret alcohol storage of your house. These were few under stair design that you can get for your home and amaze people by the beauty.


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