7 Hacks To Clean Any Floor Like A Pro That Will Make Your Life Easier


When it comes to house chores, floor cleaning certainly comes at the top the most exhausting and soul-crushing one. So, unless you can afford to book a cleaner online to do all the cleaning for you, making the chore itself less demanding is a must. Some tips to clean any floor easier will save you time and make your life way more comfortable.

Make Cleaning Easier Before It Starts

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This may sound obvious, but make sure you are using entrance doormats. Preventing dirt and mud from outdoors from getting into your house helps you clean any floor from the get-go. Furthermore, institute a shoes-off policy in your house. Fewer dirt stains translate to less cleaning. Perform quick, one-minute sweeps any time you can. After cooking, meals, playing with your kids or pets.

Mop and Vacuum Properly

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There are some tips and trick that can help you mop and vacuum faster, yet more effective. When vacuuming, make numerous slow passes over the targeted area. This is way more productive than fast passes that just stir up dust, rather than draw it into the vacuum cleaner. Buy higher capacity and quality vacuum bags, in order to avoid dust leaking and filter clogging.

When you clean any floor, mop in small sections. Always start away from the door, so you don’t step into the already cleaned area. When you are finished cleaning, run your mop 3 or 4 times over clean section in order to pick up any dirty water left.

When it comes to tile and grout cleaning, Dan Dan the Carpet Man is a well-known cleaning service.

DIY Cleaning Supplies

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You already have many of the necessary cleaning products in your house. Combination of water and vinegar has proven to be a useful substitute for most of the store-bought cleaning solutions. If you like you can add some essential oils to add an enjoyable fragrance.

It can be used to clean any floor, and if using water is not recommended for your type of floor, just replace it with vegetable oil. Make the floor nice and shiny by using brewed tea bags to clean it. The lighter fluid has also been proven to be a powerful stain remover.

Things to Avoid

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You can’t just clean any floor with anything that comes to your hands. If you have a glazed ceramic tile floor, you should avoid using harsh abrasive cleaners. Also, do not use scouring sponge on sensitive surfaces. Avoid cleaning products that contain acrylic-based polish. These are usually the ones that advertise “shine” and need to be let too dry for 10 minutes.

Removing Marks and Stains

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The best way to remove scuff marks is by simply using a tennis ball. Cut it and slip it onto broom or mop handle and just scrub away the scuffs. You can deal with annoying white water marks by letting it dry out and then applying warm iron over the cloth on the dirty spot. Vegetable or olive oil can help with sticky streaks left from things such as tape.

Grout Cleaning

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Clean ceramic tile floor means nothing if the grout lines are left dirty. The simplest way to deal with it is by just using a pencil eraser. For more stubborn stains use baking soda and an old toothbrush. And if none of this works, try bleach.

Hardwood Floor Scratches

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Any noticeable scratches on a hardwood floor can be made invisible by simply using crayons. Take the crayon in the color of the floor and just rub it on a scratch. Simple as that. You can use a blow dryer to dry it when you’re done

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