Temporary Housing For Family Members Of Long-Term Hospital Patients


Furnished apartments are a cost effective and comfortable alternative for family members of hospital patients. When a loved one is undergoing treatment or an extended hospital stay, guests can find comfort in a short-term rental.

Start by looking into short term rentals. These are usually apartments, condos or single-family homes that can accommodate short stays. In many cases, they come partially furnished and will be charged either nightly, weekly or at the end of each month.

You will however find that some owners may impose the minimum number of days that one can stay at the residence. Many owners will set a minimum of about thirty days. For this kind of rental, it will be best to pay by the month rather than by the week. Paying monthly will prove to be more pocket- friendly for you.


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If headed to the city, consider looking around for sublets. It is common to find individuals who would like to sublet their apartment for a certain period of time. The only downside to finding a sublet being that one may not a sublet that will accommodate him for the entire duration of time that he is interested in.

Extended stay hotels will also provide a very good option for anyone who is looking for short-term accommodation. With hotels, it may prove to be a bit expensive due to all the other services that will be provided to you. If planning a brief stay, this is a very appealing option.


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Visiting a loved one in the hospital can be a great difficulty, especially if the hospital is a distance from your home. Whether the family member must commute to and from a medical facility for out-patient treatment daily, or whether they are an in-patient for an extended time, you may need or want to be with them throughout this time. In lieu of expensive hotel stays or long commutes, temporary furnished housing offers the opportunity for you to support your loved one from nearby.

With a similar comfort and convenience to home, families, spouses, and visitors may rest, without the price tag of a hotel room, and with the added space and luxury to cook meals and maintain a level of normalcy. With the rise in available short-term rentals, guests may consider finding a unit that suits their location and needs over commuting, hotel rooms, or uncomfortable hospital waiting rooms.


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Benefits of temporary housing:

  • Cost effective for solo or group travelers, and especially those with small children
  • While temporary living bridges the gap between disposal of the departure residence and finding a home in the new location, it also gives you the luxury of time to explore your new surroundings. It may be helpful to create a pros and cons list as to what is vital to you (school districts, commute times, for example) and what is not as important on the wish list in order to explore the different housing opportunities.
  • Full kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living spaces provide the comfort of home
  • Fully equipped kitchens with appliances and necessities allow guests to prepare food at home, and spare the costly price of eating out every day
  • Conveniently located with access to public transportation in most cities
  • Access to fitness center, pools, and other amenities
  • Peace and privacy during an extended stay
  • With the decline of the real estate market, renting has become much more popular. An increased demand for rentals has resulted in a supply shortage; therefore, it could take longer to find suitable housing. It is important to know your company’s policy regarding the amount of time allowed in temporary housing so as to use it wisely while searching for a permanent home.


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Other individuals – such as traveling nurses, medical residents, interns, or hospital employees – may benefit from staying in a rental, and enjoy the rest of beautifully appointed space during their stays. Fully functioning kitchens, comfortable bedrooms, high speed Internet, fitness facilities, common areas, and other conveniences allow for a normal day to day routine in a home-like atmosphere.

Furnished apartments in Boston, New York, D.C., and other major cities often feature separate private and living spaces, where residents may entertain visitors or guests. Apartment buildings also have built-in luxuries like separate parking for cars and bikes, building concierges, valet dry cleaning services, and routine housekeeping, that make this the ideal choice for a smooth and easy stay out of town.

Most hotels have prime real estate, but again, costs can be high. And with home sharing apps, it may be difficult to find a home that can be both close to attractions and can hold all your family members. Most extended stays, often used by companies for temporary housing of employees and clients, are also located in desirable locations that are close to attractions, shopping, entertainment, and restaurants. This allows you to still be in the center of it all and be in a safe location.


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Unfortunately, family emergencies occur, double bookings happen, or other incidents come up. Whether you need to provide healthcare assistance to a loved one or have last-minute changes to your itinerary, you have a better chance at finding vacancy with an extended stay… and again, at a better price. Yes, there are last-minute hotel sites that provide this service, but often include hidden fees and the amenities may not be ideal. With a short-term rental, the most you or your family may have to worry about are your options!

If you or a loved one needs to relocate temporarily for a medical reason, a furnished apartment can be your “home away from home”. Without sacrificing finances or comfort, it’s a great alternative to fit each individual’s needs.

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