The Best Gravel Gardens Design Ideas Of 2018

Are you tired of searching those same landscape design on the internet? Do you wish for brand new designs for your new home garden, then this is indeed the right place for you.

Garden is a place which makes your home pleasant and what ’s better than using gravel instead of lawns.

So here in the article, you will get best gravel garden ideas and garden trends which will give you a new perspective by providing an outstanding look to your garden. There is also a broad description of gravel along with some very fine artistic design you can’t miss.

First of all, let’s dig in and find out: What is Gravel and how easily you can create a range of beautiful landscape.

What Is Gravel?

Gravel is a loose aggregation of rock fragments.

It is also used in commercial purposes like roads, temples, offices, monuments and what not!

Rock fragments which collided centuries ago are now used everywhere. Modern-day designers put this rock piece in home areas to give it a gloomy look.

The best part: You can also use them in the interior of the house to give it a contemporary touch.

Different types of gravel includes marble, granite, river rock, bank, stone dust, pea gravel, amongst others. Every country has a variety of gravel as per the formation of its landscape.

The good news: It is possible for you to use pea gravel in your home and garden in place of concrete or tarmac.

In this write-up, we have presented the Best Gravel Garden Ideas you ever wanted, have a look!

Most Innovative Gravel Garden Designs Of 2019

These gravel gardens design ideas are designed by the expert designer who have always tried to show eccentric work in gardens designs.

This will surprise you: Most of the designs can be used even when you have a small garden area. Isn’t it amazing?

Gravel is a rock which absorbs water so that it requires less water and so yes guys gravel is eco- friendly!

Gravel is one of a “host of paving products that let water percolate through to the ground underneath, limiting water runoff, preventing erosion, filtering out pollutants, and improving the health of soil and vegetation.

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1) Pea Granite Design

gravel gardens

When you have a huge garden and want to give it a modern look then this design is perfectly suitable for you. Pea granite which is a shiny rock gives elegant look to the plants placed in your garth.

2)  Decomposed Granite

gravel gardens

This design needs to be considered when the garth is on a linear path. For example: When you have plants placed in one of the corners, put decomposed granite all over the lawn. The combination of grass and granite is surely a genius idea for the park.

3)  The Sea Granite

gravel gardens

Flourish your backyard with sea granite and give a refreshing look to it. Money plants and some wild flora will add more value to this design.

4) Garden Layout With a Twist

gravel gardens

Why only granite?  We have the most intelligent blended design where marble is placed between the granite pathways.

Did you know? This design is more subtle when you are not looking for a gleaming look in the garden.

5) Inspiring Landscape In Backyard

gravel gardens

Maintaining a garden is hard when you have concrete lawns. But now with the help of gravel in the backyard, it is possible to make your gardening super exciting. This design gives incredible style to a soulless garden.

6) Hilly Gravel Design

gravel gardens

Living in a Hilly area or have a huge garden space? The good news is when you walk out of the house and enter this kind of gravel yard, it surely feels heaven!

7) Trivial Garden Design

gravel gardens

Sipping coffee with your partner sitting in a nice chair is so relaxing right! So in a trivial garden, you can make a huge difference by using this black granite rock piece.

8) Ideal Home Entrance Design

gravel gardens

When you have a front yard and want it to look more attractive, don’t forget to apply this very classy design. As you can see the designer have intruded both granite and stone to give a complete look to the entrance.

9) Scaled Garden Design

gravel gardens

Modern Garden is also a place where you take your morning tea. If you are looking for such a space, this scaled garden’s out of the box design is specially made for you. Also, it is one of the best gravel gardens design ideas.

10) Farmhouse Gravel Design

gravel gardens

As you can view this design is a deadly combination of concrete stone and gravel which is beautifully placed to cover the entire garden. Yes, you can also put this fantastic idea in your summer home.

11) Glorious Gravel Home Designs

gravel gardens

This explicit design is used when you have pathways and plants are placed on either sides. It is one of the gravel gardens design ideas you will see in any of the garden websites.

12) Layered Balcony Twist

gravel gardens

The basic idea of this design is to carve modern art in the balcony which gives a little twist to your regular balcony.  Also, you can form this design in your drawing room. You never know your neighbor might even ask you to design their home seeing this gravel garden idea!

13) Forest Backyard Design

gravel gardens

This jungle gravel design is not less than the fantasy garden. The trees, plants and an item of wooden furniture also enhance the arena of this vast garden area. All in all, this theme is more relaxing and wild at the same time.

14)  A cafe themed Gravel Garden

gravel gardens

If you are searching for a peaceful place where it is possible for you to spend time with family and friends, you can get this from this gravel garden idea. You will able to find the same ambiance around which is distinctly created to meet your needs.

15) Pebble Gravel Design Ideas

gravel gardens

These shiny sharp end stones in the backyard provide a hot favorite look. The amazing part: Most of the hotels and restaurants design this, especially at the pool site.

These luxurious pebbles are not easily available. On top of that, they are also quite expensive. But at the end of the day you cannot deny the fact that they are best suitable for the garden area.

16) Erotic Garden Designs

gravel gardens

The designs resemble to the stone era where numerous stones were presented and became an important part of human life. This trend is back. The modern garden is a mixture of granite stone and artistic wooden carvings.

17) Colonial Garden Design

gravel gardens

A very fine design intended to form a drastic pattern in a yard. This design is undoubtedly one of the best gravel garden design which can be your new garden design.

An added benefit: The gravel in this colonial formation preserve water. The end result? The plants get enough water to blossom all over the seasons.

18) Black And White Gravel Design Ideas

gravel gardens

Those who are not a fan of colorful pebbles and very gloomy garden, this design is an answer to your every question in regards to gravel designs. Also, the fiery little plants in the center gives imaginary look to the garden.
19) Marvelous Farm look Design

gravel gardens

When we talk about Farm garden there are not many designs available on the internet so in order to help you we present this very exclusive farm Design for your garden.

20) Royal Garden Layout

gravel gardens

Hold your breath: This design will blow your mind!

It is surely for those royal bungalows who want the best gravel designs. The garden is at the center of the house and gives an incredible vibe to the entire yard.

Parting Thoughts

Since you have gained enough knowledge of some of the best gravel design, perhaps this is the right time to put your skills into practice.

If you liked the content and the designs stay connected with us, eventually we will enfold some of the greatest gardening tips in our next right up.

Also, comment about which is your most favorite designs from the article.

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