Where To Find The Most Beautiful Californian Homes For Sale


When looking for homes in California, their beauty and architectural design are often at the top of a homebuyer’s must-have list. When you add in the desired location, neighborhood, and open space, there is a good chance that you will find yourself in one of the following California cities.

Beverly Hills

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Authenticity is vital in a city like Beverly Hills. There is no shortage of mansions, detached homes, and gated communities in this city that’s near some of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Highly-prized for its prestigious neighborhoods, the natural color-palettes are not as bold and beautiful as its occupants. The interior design concepts are sophisticated. From terrace-ready French doors, full ensuite bathrooms and home gyms, the extras are all the rage in this prestigious area. It is also a city that promises you panoramic views of oceans, mountains or the city center.


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Very few cities compare to the lavishness of Malibu mansions, private oceanfront properties, French-inspired hillside chateaus, or cliffside views that are homes of Hollywood royalty. The homes located in this city are nothing less than sophisticated, sleek and picturesque. They also generally provide high-end amenities like pools, walk-in closets, tennis courts and wine cellars which broadens the appeal for many home buyers. The homeowners in this area love extravagant concepts, so design ideas will include all the modernized inspirations that Malibu families have come to expect.


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If you want a rural feel yet want a city you can commute to easily, Sebastopol is the ideal location to relocate as it is just 52 miles from San Francisco and 20 minutes from the relaxation of the Pacific Ocean. The area also has an Old World appeal of vineyards yet the captivating homes promise nothing but exclusivity. From county estates to private lakefronts with endless acreage and spectacular scenery, Sebastopol agents at https://www.mack-faulkner.com offer some of the most beautiful homes in California.  

Santa Rosa  

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Santa Rosa’s homes include everything from single-family residents to customized retreats. The cultivated design concepts tend to be peaceful and unspoiled. Set in the heart of wine country, the picturesque scenery is only part of a home’s appeal. If you want a contemporary home with new-age amenities, Santa Rosa has it since they come with French oak flooring, alder wood cabinetry, stone mantels, fireplaces and smart kitchens that are enticing to home buyers. As the area is ripe for equestrian or vineyard expansion, there are many opportunities for property investment.


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The architectural designs overlooking the San Antonio Valley are exquisitely constructed. Whether you move for the divinity of the wine venues or your love of nature, the diversity of this historical city’s homes include farmhouses with refinished wood floors, modern residential homes in cul-de-sacs, charming mid-century ranches and classical English architecture with over-the-top amenities like modernized kitchens and intricate detail.

It is a good idea to start your research online so that you narrow down your house search to a select few. You will also want to look for homes in your price range. Once you meet with the real estate agent, you will have an opportunity to see these beautiful California homes in person.

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