All You Need To Know About The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Of New York

If you often get fascinated by art and love to gaze at them then met museum New York would prove to be the perfect place for you, you would be blown away by the fact that this museum is the largest museum ever under United States of America. No doubt that this museum is quite famous as well as crowded and 7.06 people were recorded as visitors in the year 2016 which helped it secure third position in the list of world’s most visited museums of art. It has over 2 million works of art there which is counted as their permanent collects that are divided in to 17 different curatorial departments. If you would go through their permanent collection you would get to know about classical antiquity as well as ancient Egypt, paintings, sculptures, and an extensive gathering of American and the modern art. Apart from this you would even get to see the art collection from Asia, Oceania, Islamic art and many more is there in the list. This has become the home for many ancient old weapons, armor, musical instruments, costumes as well as accessories from all around the world.


This place is not less than a heaven for those who love to know about historical things. If you always wondered how people used to design their interior of the home then you this place would let you know about it as it has many interior installed there which starts from the first century Rome to modern American interior designs. This museum came in being since 20th February 1872 and the purpose behind making this museum is to let people know about art and history, it is basically a small try to educate people about ancient time and their arts. There are seventeen different departments where the arts as well as the collections are divided and in each of the department there is a scholar who would guide you through out that museum department. You would get to enjoy some information as well as art of medieval period at the main building of the museum.

They have kept over 6 thousand things to gaze under single roof top of first floor and all of them are from medieval period. Most of the European medieval art are recorded straight there at the main building whereas some remaining European art are kept in the cloisters museum. The whole collection is arranged in an amazing way and all the main collections are displayed at the main museum building whereas all the small arts and craft are kept in side galleries. The Cloisters museum is a completely separate building which dedicated to medieval crafts as well as arts. This met museum holds exhibition of its wonderful collection on a regular basis which every visitor can enjoy. The main focus of this museum is towards the art of different sections of the world and they have beautifully displayed it in the art gallery. You cannot miss to visit this place if you are a dedicated history as well as art lover.

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