All You Need To Know About The 5th Tallest Residential Building Of The World


432 Park Avenue is situated in New York which overlooks the central park; it is actually an amazing residential skyscraper. It was supposed to be of 1,300 feet tall but when the construction was completed it ended up being 1,396 feet tall building. The whole construction as well as development of this tall building was done by the CIM group and this huge building consists of 125 different apartments which got fitted in 96 different floors. This project began on the year 2012 and the whole construction successfully completed in the year 2015 in the month of December. This huge residential building is counted among the 3 tallest buildings in United States of America and it has topped the list of the tallest residential buildings in all over the world. The surrounding of the building is quite popular as well as developed in terms of shops, markets and many other things. It is probably the first ever tallest building constructed in New York which appears to be taller than the tall original twin-tower. The idea of the building as well as the exterior construction of the building is done by Rafael Vinoly. Each floor of the building is as big as 8,255 square foot and there are total six glass windows of each 100 square foot is fitted in the front facing side of each floor of the building.

The interior designing of building is done by the famous designer Deborah Berke who is responsible for the beautiful appearance of the building. No doubt the design as well as Berke’s work is appreciable and it is definitely not a budget design in fact the designer has not thought of any budget before beautifying it and it shows when you would see the interior of the building. Getting to live there is definitely a matter of chance as it is so luxurious that everyone would desire to get an apartment out there in the building. To make it look even better it has the smaller window columns on the top and larger window columns at the bottom level of the building. 432 Park Avenue interior is luxurious and appears as beautiful as the exterior of the building is. Each room has large glass window openings which would let anyone see through it and you can also have some fresh air from their at times. You can add some really long curtain on the window so the after look would be absolutely amazing as well as elegant. The comfort level of people as well as the luxurious touch in the house was the priority for the designer that he has not compromised. The big sitting room has been designed in such a way that you would at least get 3-4 window openings and there is a fire place as well which is designed well to make the whole wall look stunning, the fire place was placed there to make the stay comfortable even if the weather outside is freezing cold. The whole look of the room has been kept quite muted up with mute off white walls and light colored furniture in contrast of it. Set of chairs as well as sofa sets along with a small tea table makes the sitting room complete.

There is some sitting space made at each window panel so that you can have some time there gazing outside of the building and enjoy your hot cup of coffee. The dinning space of the apartment is attached to that of the living room and the sets of chairs as well as table are placed right in front of a window. The large glass window makes it possible for natural sun light to enter the room at the day time. There is a small room which can be used as a library or you can even put your TV out there as there is enough space made for keeping any monitor like thing. The whole room is pact with lots of wall racks were you can put books or any essential things of yours. Apart from this you would get a long curved sofa to sit and have some time watching TV and there is a tea table as wall. The room seems warm because of the use of all warm toned colors such as classic wooden color, black, red etc. there is modular kitchen which is of white themed and seems absolutely stunning. The whole kitchen can be packed in the drawers as there are lots of drawers so nothing much would be exposed. The ceramic work of the bedroom makes it the star of the house; it looks very luxurious and feels comfortable at the same time.

The interior of the bed room has been kept minimal with just one drawer table, one cozy chair and of course a big comfortable bed which is placed in such an angle so that every morning you can wake up with the sun rays falling on you. To make the bedroom look more beautiful many wall as well as ceiling hangings are attached in the room. But the master piece and the main attraction of the bedroom are the wallpaper wall designs that have been used to make the room even more gorgeous. Well everyone wants to have a luxurious washroom and this apartment has not took this desire as a joke so they have kept a really large area for bathing with a bathtub fitted there and the wall of the washroom is kept in white which makes it look elegant. The large window out there would let you enjoy outside view while relaxing in your bathtub. Overall this apartment is a perfect image of many people’s dream residence and living there is definitely like living in one of the most luxurious place in the world.


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