10 Home Decor Ideas For Halloween


Halloween comes with fun and celebration and it is the time when we decorate our house in a scar manner too scare people and to let people know that we are too celebrating Halloween. So here are a few Halloween decorations that you can have in your home to make it look scary:

Witches in the house:

halloween decorations

Source: homebnc.com

This is one of the simplest yet scary home decors to have during Halloween, all you need to do is cut some black paper in the shape of a witch, bats, spider, and a lot more scary things and then paste it on the glass windows as well as on the glass doors. This idea would definitely scare the passer-by who would dare to look at your home. This décor seems best when the room is not dark rather you can use dim lights.

Monster front door:

Source: hips.hearstapps.com

In this decor, you need to paste a scary monster face which would have a pair of unpleasant eyes and not so welcoming mouth and to intensify the look you can add some spider webs as well as spider around it and you can even put scary skulls beside the door or on a pot as well. This decor is easy to prepare and would scare people right there at the entrance.

The mummy front door:

halloween decorations

Source: interior-magz.com

This front door is innovative yet simple to prepare and it would definitely scare people for sure. To make this décor you would need some white bandage, colors, and some glue that it. All you need to do is paste the white bandage all over the door to make it look like a mummy and to intensify the look apply some red color to resemble blood dripping from the mummy. This no doubt one of the best outdoor Halloween decorations that you can have in this Halloween.

Floating witch hat:

halloween decorations

Source: usrealtyrecords.com

This is innovative yet scary decor that you can have in your home. To make this happen you would need some strings attached on the places where you want your witch hat to float then you would need some witch hats and to complete the look attach some light in the witch hat then set all the hats one by one on the string. This décor would look scarier when lights are off and the only source of light would be the witch hat.

Bat front door:

halloween decorations

Source: i.pinimg.com

This is simple and scary at the same time; all you need to have is a natural wreath made up of dried branches as well as leaves and attach some black bat paper cuts and your décor is done. Place the bat wreath right at the front door.

Bat front door:

halloween decorations

Source: residencestyle.com

This won’t need a lot of things but at the same time, it would look scary as well as spooky. All you need to have is some bat stencils or paper cuttings and you have to paste it all over the front door and you are good to go for this Halloween. People would think twice before knocking your door when having this décor on.

Skeleton front door:

halloween decorations

Source: gravetics.com

To make this awesome front door décor you would need an artificial skeleton and you have to attach the skeleton on the front door of your house that’s it.

Creepy spiders:

halloween decorations

Source: sheirma.com

This is definitely one of the creepiest décor that one can have in this Halloween all you would need for this décor is some black artificial spider hangings and some spider web as well to make it more realistic and spooky. All you need to do is hang all the spiders as well as the web all over the front door so that everyone could get to see this while entering.

Pumpkin carvings:

halloween decorations

Source: lullabycasa.net

This is a simple one material craft to have in Halloween and this one thing can be kept both indoors as well as outdoor. To make this you would need some pumpkins of course and you have to carve them forming the mouth, nose as well as eyes. To make it scarier you can attach a candle in the pumpkin and light it.

Garage door decoration:

halloween decorations

Source: i.pinimg.com

To make your garage look scary as well, you can give your garage door the decoration of a scary clown face. All you need to do is attach a gig clown face right above the garage door in a way that when you open the garage door it would look like the clown has opened its mouth. To make it scarier you can attach a red cloth coming out of the garage resembling the clown tongue.

These were a few of the DIY Halloween decorations that you can have in this Halloween to make your home appear a bit scary.

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