6 Types Of The Drilling Machine And Their Applications!


Drilling, be it in the metal or wood or concrete is a tough job, and for that special equipment are used! These equipment are called drill machines.

Drill machine is powerful equipment, which is used to drill the holes in the hard surfaces where manual drilling is difficult. Construction industries use these machines for doing various repairs and other tasks because of their easy to use application.  These machines are also used in the woodworking industry, metalworking industry, construction and many more.

Here are some common types of drilling machines that are used in the construction industry as well as for doing simple tasks:

Radial Drilling Machine:

drilling machine

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In this drilling, the head is fixed on the radial arm of the machine for drilling to various sizes of the object. You can select the head and base plate as per the dimension and strength you need to drill in the area. Further, you can rotate and raise the radial arm to adjust as per the requirement. This drill can also be used as hydraulic drifters also offers good efficiency, the reason they are quite popular in the industrial sector.

Upright Drilling Machine:

drilling machine

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It’s a heavy duty drilling machine which features a geared drive spindle head. It is used on the large hole-producing operation that involves large or heavy rotational parts. The upright drill press of the machine can be operated with hand into the workpiece.

Pillar Drilling Machine:

drilling machine

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Pillar drilling machines are heavy, sturdy and fit in the economic formats. They are high-tech machines that can be used to drill anywhere. You can also attach your features in this machines. These machines are also known for their high efficiency and precision, thus are quite popular in construction industries.

Milling Machine:

drilling machine

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These are multi-functional machines that can be used for both drilling and milling. Due to its multi-functional capacity, these machines are best for all purposes. They easily fit in the spaces with small space. Constructional engineers use these machines to drill in the surfaces where heavy and bulky machine are difficult to incorporate.

Gang Drilling Machine:

drilling machine

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These machines have work heads positioned on a single table. It is used where successive operations are required. For example, you can use the first head of this machine to spot drill, while can use second head to tap the drill. Further, the third head of the machine can be used along with a tapping head to tap the bore or hole in the ground. And the last head can be used for chamfer.

Upright Sensitive Drill Press:

drilling machine

Source : bestdrillpressguide.com

It’s a lightweight drilling machine that features a belt drive spindle head to bore in the surface. This type of machine is used in the workplaces that require moderate-to-light drilling.  However, you can only use it with hands. With the hand feeding tool, you can feel the cutting action of the tool when performing the boring or cutting using the equipment. This machine is usually manufactured in the floor style or the bench style to be used in construction industries.

One other option includes a very convenient drilling solution: The Strong Arm 5 is a portable drill press, fully adjustable to fit most drilling needs. Because it utilizes quick pins at the fulcrum and the foot attachment, adjustment is fast and convenient.

you can also use rock drill machine for rocks. So, those were some of the drilling machines that are used in construction industries.

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